• I have over 12 years experience as an entrepreneur and 3 years experience as an online business owner.

  • I grew my online community on Facebook - The Millionaire Housewife Academy to over 12,000 under 1 year.

  • Through personal coaching, I have helped well over 3,000 businesses in the past two years.

  • I have also been featured on national television and radio severally to speak on how to start and grow an online business.

  • I'm an International Speaker on Women Entrepreneurial Empowerment

  • I was recently awarded 'Woman Empowerment Activist and Leadership Personality of the Year'

  • I'm pretty much an amazing woman who is passionate about helping her clients get results once they have decided to ditch their excuses.




How to create Impact, Influence and Affluence from your home - A blueprint for women who will like to live a fulfilling life right from the comfort of their home.

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11 Lessons

All the lessons in this course will be available before the class starts on March 1st. The Facebook support group is for the month of March only.

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7 Lessons

The Visibility for Sales is a five days program to get you out of your hiding to visibility, from obscurity to popularity especially to people who need your offers.

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5 Lessons

Start Your Business in 6 Days Online Course in is the exact course you need if you are unsure of what type of business to start, the tools you will need and everything you need to know to make a success of your business.

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6 Lessons

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27 Lessons