“How I Went From A Bored Housewife With An Almost Zero Bank Balance To Building A Multi-Million Business in 5 Months

My Fabulous True Life Story

From: Mrs. Temi Ajibewa

Fellow Housewife and Stay-At-Home Mother,

Are you desirous of becoming financially independent, able to buy what you want, when you want it, with your own money without having to beg any other person for it?

Would you like to be able to have the freedom to take your own correct decisions for the good of your family?

Do you want to be able to command respect in your own home and husband's family because you have the means to provide for yourself?

If your answer to any of these questions is, “Yes, I want this badly”, then this will be the best message you will ever read today.

Here’s why.

My Story

My name is Temi Ajibewa, a mother of one and I live in Abuja.

I got married about 3 years ago but only recently moved to Abuja to be with my husband. For years and years, I had always wanted to be my own boss, and call the shots on my own life.

When I got married, I wanted to make sure that I would fulfill my life's purpose, and as a wife, I wanted to contribute to my family, to support my husband and by so doing have a big stake in the future and direction of our home.

I was always doing one business or the other. Selling one goods or the other. Running from pillar to post, being a jack of all trades, master of none until I had to pause and tell myself, "you can't continue like this, Temi".

With my degrees in English and Law, I wanted more than a job, I wanted freedom - freedom to be at home with my family especially as mine was a very young family, while still fulfilling my dreams.

The idea of resuming at a job I didn't like was just too over-whelming. I remember I used to have a boss who said the only reason I am allowed to come late to work is "if you're dead" or "attending your own funeral".

It was the first time I was hearing those words and to say I was hurt to the bones is an understatement.

But you see, despite my desires, nothing really tangible came up. I was not only a new wife, nursing a baby, but I was also in a new city, and very bored.

I couldn’t get a job just yet, and even if I could, who would take care of my baby?

Have you felt like this before?

I thought long and hard about it, everyday. It was in this state of affairs that I decided that the only way out was to...

Start A Business!

But what business would I start?

As a housewife, most of us only see our limitations because we are so busy caring for our husband and children we can't recognize the opportunities around us.

We feel as long as we stay-at-home, there's no hope of making money and experiencing the thrill that financial independence brings us.

Some of us actually even know what to do but we are so confused, we don't know where to start.

Some of us have started one home business or the other but we're struggling with it and failing and we want to give up and end the pain.

If you're reading this, I am willing to bet you’re a stay-at-home mum and you want to start a business that will bring you income, but you’re scared.

I know this because I was scared.

You have no business experience. There seems to be too many options to choose from. Friends and relatives are giving you “ideas”. The ideas you fancy seem to require too much money to get started, money you do not have. You don’t work, remember?

It was the same with me.

I was almost giving up when...

I Found It!

What did I find?

I discovered the exact process to identifying the perfect business for you to do something that fits who you are, your personality and your environment.

And it doesn't matter that you're a housewife or a stay-at-home mother, it works!

I know this because I used the same exact methods I am talking about right now and it has taken me from zero to making over one million naira in the last one week.

I know, I know. It’s incredible. Almost unbelievable. If it didn’t happen to me, and I just heard it as a story, maybe I wouldn’t believe it myself, but it’s true! It’s me with the results.

This idea of mine, arose from my desperately searching for solutions for myself.

Want to know what it is?

The "Carve Your Niche And Profit In 30 Days"
Business Coaching Course

What is the "carve your niche" business course you ask?

You see, one thing I learnt very fast (and fortunately too because it takes most people years to figure it out) is, if you want to succeed in business, you must make sure that the business you want to do does three things.

  1. It must fit your personality: If you hate smoking for example, you should never start a business selling cigarettes. Here's why. You hate it, duh! Selling it will cause a conflict with your spirit and you will never put in enough effort to make it a profitable business.


    Inside you, you will think you're doing something bad, and you will unconsciously sabotage yourself.

  2. It must be able to make money: Many women start business that is hard to make money in and then they wonder why they are not successful and they stop it, and then repeat the mistake again, over and over).

    Here's a hint
    : Any business that isn't making you at least 30% or more extra on the money you put it per sale, run far away from it.But how do you know which businesses to stay away from? I will show you.
  3. It must be scalable: This means that you must be able to sell to as many people as possible, as many times as possible!Here's an example: How many people in Nigeria do you think can buy sugar? How about soap? Airtime recharge cards?You get the point now, right?

So What Will You Learn In The
"Carve Your Niche" Business Course?

Module 1: How to Find The Perfect Business Idea For You And Start Your Ideal Home Business

Module 2: How To Grow Your Small Home Business From Zero To A Million-Naira Generating Brand Without Leaving Your House.

Module 3: How To Attract and Keep Customers Who Always Pay You What You're Worth.

Module 4: How To Set and Smash Your Home Business Income Goals Again and Again

This Course Is For You If...

  • You're totally confused as to what home business to start.
  • You're into a home business already but you're so confused on how to grow it into a known brand.
  • You have a gift or passion but you're not sure how it can turn into money for you.
  • You're a professional but you'd rather just be home making money like me.

Why Am I Sharing This Idea With You?

Because I know that there are hundreds of thousands, maybe even million of Nigerian housewives who are at home just like I was, in bad financial shape and who desire to contribute more to their family other than washing, cleaning and cooking and doing the 1,000other boring things housewives and stay-at-home mothers have to do.

I have been incredibly blessed by finding it out and it seems to me a wrong thing to hide it from others.

If spreading this knowledge to all Nigerian housewives and stay-at-home mothers is my contribution to the world, so be it. My goal is to take it to one million Nigerian housewives and stay-at-home moms.

With the help of my mentors, I finally have the courage to show Nigerian women who are passionate and looking for other streams of income to join me in this business.

If you are reading this page right now,

This Is You.

Who says, you cannot become financially independent even from the comfort of your home?

Who says you cannot succeed in life?

Who says your dreams, aspirations and desires cannot come true.

With this explosive information in your hands now,

  • NO ONE CAN DO SHAKARA for you again with money, because you will be making your own.
  • Boredom will be a thing of the past, because you are PROFITABLY BUSY and doing meaningful work.
  • You will COMMAND RESPECT from your husband, his relatives and your own relatives too because you are gainfully engaged and call your own shots.
  • Now YOU WILL HAVE THE FINANCIAL POWER to get for yourself the things you love.

I want to share with you the same business idea that I used to go from almost zero to making more than one million naira a month within 5 months.

But I Understand...

You may be a bit skeptical because you do not know me yet. Aside from reading this page and knowing my name is Temi Ajibewa, you know every little else about me.

I mean I too would be a little bit careful, if someone came online to say how they started some unknown business and within 5 months, had made over a million naira.

Truth is there are many charlatans and fraudsters online who will dupe you and disappear into thin air.

So Read From These Two Women Who
Have Taken My Training Before...

Getting Temi as a coach is one of the best decisions I have had to make. It has redirected my focus, opened my eyes and mind to a lot that is going on but seems hidden because of my association. I have a better and clearer vision and a better understanding of what my life is and should be now.

She has helped me to rediscover myself and my purpose, to be more deliberate about life. It is a journey I know I have started well, having Temi coach me changed my life.

Benedicta Okwandu
C.E.O., Coco Flair

I was checking out testimonials about a popular course and I saw Temi Ashabi Ajibewa's testimony. I was drawn to her sincere words and her smile so I sent her a message to make more enquiries. But instead, I made a friend who has become my Coach and my confidant. Coach Temi, is very passionate and dedicated, she is genuinely kind and very understanding. Her coaching has moved me from a place of confusion to one of purpose and has helped me to finally figure out my own path and I am walking it confidently, better equipped and knowing that I have a Coach for the long haul.

Comfort Niyi-Bankole
Leadership and Business Coach

So How Much Is The Course?

It's only...

=N=30,000 per person. However, if you pay before the 18th of September, you can pay only


Why =N=22,500?

Simple. I want it to be affordable. I also don't want to cheapen it.

I want to work with women, housewives, mothers who are truly desirous of their financial freedom and are willing to do anything right and legal to make their dream come true. Because...

Think About It

Which one woman on earth, in 2016, will be given the opportunity to become financially independent, and control her own destiny who would refuse it?

Not me!

And I hope not you too.

So please you have absolutely zero excuse not to join me as I teach this course.

Registration Closes On The 22nd Of September

On that day the doors will be shut. For a long time because I will be busy working with the wonderful women who will have joined by then, and helping them find their idea, carve their niche and start profiting from it.

If you're shut out, you will be wondering, "What if I had joined?".

Don't do a "what if", join me today.