4 People You Need To Connect With Daily If You Want To Have A Great Day (Year)

I am a learner and a doer before I become a teacher. I teach the things that I have learnt and done. This post is about how I have been able to gain momentum and reach some amazing milestones in my life in the space of months.

I believe if we can have many great days, our years will be great. It is a matter of deciding who you want to be daily. People you need to connect with daily if you want to have a great day (and consequently a great year) are;

  1.      Someone Who Inspires You.

There is a big difference between someone who motivates and someone who inspires you. Motivators talk the work, they don’t necessarily work the talk but inspirers work the talk. They are always doing something that will push you to be a better person. The person’s life exemplifies what you want to be. They might be younger or older, they might even be your friends. Personally I have met some 27 year old dudes who are making millions amazingly and it just set my head blazing. You should connect daily with someone who inspires you. Motivation is cheap but inspiration is divine and it involves a lot of hard work. When you have such people around you, your life can’t be the same again. They inspire you to want to reach your own greatness.

  1.      Your Mentor

This is somebody you want to be like, somebody who is living the life of your dream. It is someone who gives the psychological permission to succeed by showing you that your dreams are possible. I want to be on Forbes under 40 CEOs’ list; I want to be the richest woman in Africa -Alakija; I want to be a CEO – Ibukun Awosika; I want to be a world reformer cum nation builder – Fela Durotoye; I want to be a renowned business coach locally and internationally recognized –Steve Harris; I want to be a world brand speaker – Charles Otudo.

You need to know these people. If you don’t know them, then how do you connect with them. You need to know them and interact with them either on their post, social media handles, and you need to attend their online and offline events. I connect daily with Oprah, if it’s just to read her twitter feed, blog post. I connect daily with some of my mentors whom I have access to physically and I reach those I don’t have physical access to online.

  1.      A Mentee

Don’t ever think you are too young to have a mentee. There is something that being responsible for someone else does to your mind. It re-engineers you to think beyond yourself. It gives you the sense of being useful and purposeful. It’s amazing when someone else looks up to you. I have a list of my mentees and my joy is full when I see them succeeding. I might be watching a video on YouTube and just feels it’s good for one of them, I copy the link and send it to that person immediately.  When you meet with your mentor, you are receiving; when you connect with your mentee, you are also giving and you know what they say about givers, they never lack. When your mentee asks a question you don’t have answers to, it pushes you out there to look for answers thereby causing your own growth.

  1.      Yourself

You want to connect with yourself. There should be at least five minutes of your life daily when all you do is think about yourself. I am not saying you should worry. There is a clear difference between “thinking” and “worrying”. Thinking is the time you have to yourself evaluating your life against your goals. You are tweaking your strategies, like what and what should I do next.

For example, one of my goals for the month has four steps to it. I had done the first step and marked it successful on my board, then I started thinking about the best time to carry out the second step. Then I discovered that the ripple effect of the second step will affect the other steps, so I quickly jumped to number 4. I was able to restrategize for better results, just by connecting with myself.

I have a tool that can help you connect with yourself almost effortlessly. It’s the day planner, it will help you plan your day thoroughly, strategize, review your plans very simply and basically but I am giving it for free to everyone who buys the Millionaire or Nothing Master class DVD. Its N20,000 for this month only and its free delivery nationwide.

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