Data Sharing Business Faqs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWhat is this business really about?

    It is a business that entails buying and selling internet data in bulk from the most popular network in Nigeria – MTN. We buy in bulk directly from the network and sell in bits at a good profit margin. I’m talking about internet data used for browsing and not airtime/credit that is used for making calls.

  • q-iconIs this business real?

    Yea, it is very real. I’ve been doing it since 2015 now and I’m yet to encounter any serious problem that is beyond what I’ve encountered in other businesses I’ve done or doing.

  • q-iconIs this business legal?

    Yes, it is. I’m a trained lawyer and I must not be caught doing anything illegal else my legal career will be destroyed. Do you think I’d want to risk that? Besides, if it wasn’t legal, will I be this loud in my advertisement?

    If you are still in doubt, the network them self provides for it as a business for SMEs so this is no cheat codes or anything fraudulent. It’s a simple buy and sell business.

  • q-iconYou say you’re trying to help people, why is your training so pricey?


    Point of correction, I’m trying to help people but it’s not for free. The value you get from this training far outweighs whatever it is you are paying for it right now. If I told you to pay N50,000 in order to make N80,000 monthly, would you consider it a fair bargain? If you don’t, please forget you saw my advert and close this page.

    With this business, you are on your way to making cool money from home regularly and if you think that’s not enough for me to charge you for, sorry.

    I have put in sweat, blood, energy and resources to find exactly what works in this business besides paying to learn it myself. If you don’t think I deserve to be paid for this, again, sorry.

  • q-iconHow much will I need to start this business?

    I started the business with just N10,000 and so can you. In fact, you can start with N10,000 too and then grow from there.

  • q-iconWhat’s the minimum profit I should expect per transaction?

    You make at least 40% per sale. I mean on a single transaction, you can make N200 on your N500 investment. Is that fair enough? I think it is, if you ask me.

  • q-iconIf the profit is this little, how does it culminate into something worthwhile?

    My sister, the money is in the number of transactions you make daily. Haven’t you wondered how those people in recharge cards business make profit despite the N1 – N5, maximum of N100 profit they make on each recharge card? The magic is in the numbers, baby.

    However, if you do not have the patience or energy to grow a business from the scratch, this isn’t for you.

  • q-iconIf I have to get so much people, won’t that be too much stress?

    Heheheheheheee….. I laugh in Spanish. Biko, have you seen any successful business owner that doesn’t get ‘stressed’ in business? My dear, every little steps to wealth is stressful but the consolation is, it will be worth it eventually.

    On getting people, don’t worry, I’ve promised you that this is a home business and you will not have to step out of your house to make the sales. You will sell first to your family and friends and then online. Everybody uses data and before you know it, you’re hitting your daily income goals all from the comfort of your home.

  • q-iconYou make it sound so easy Temi. Is it really that easy?

    I did?!

    I’m very sorry sweetheart, it’s not easy at all. If you don’t have the guts to run a business and you’re not ready to learn, this is NOT for you. If you are not VERY SMART and dogged, you cannot do this.

    For the record: THIS IS NOT AN EASY BUSINESS!!!

    This is primarily a business even though it’s one you can do from the comfort of your home, it needs all the seriousness and commitment any business needs to grow especially at the very beginning.

  • q-iconTemi I’m not a housewife, can I still do this?

    Generally, no.

    This business needs attention which having a demanding job or studies (if you’re in school) will not allow. You need to be available to attend to your customers when they call or message you for data. It will not be nice to delay them as this may turn them off not to buy from you again and we don’t want that now, do we?

    But if your job or studies allows you free time or your boss doesn’t mind (which I doubt), you can sign up for the training 🙂

  • q-iconHow about if I get someone to run the business for me?

    Sister, I appreciate your wanting to do this but I will not deceive you. My people will say, “oju oloju o le dabi oju eni”, roughly meaning: no one can attend to your matter the way you will.

    Therefore, I advise you start this business personally first, grow it organically yourself with all the passion you have for at least 3 months before having someone take over from you. I did it myself for almost a year before handing over to my teenage daughter and it was when she had to resume the university that I employed an Assistant who happened to be one of my former students (one of the first people I trained on the business actually) and then I got some other virtual assistants. So, in a nutshell, this business needs personal tending at first. If you cannot give it that, don’t come in.

  • q-iconMTN have slashed their prices. Are you sure I will still make profit from this business?

    Yes, you will. MTN have crashed their prices and so have we.

    We buy directly from them remember? Now that we get it cheaper, we still sell cheaper than they do and still make very good profit.

  • q-iconWhy would people even buy from me when they can easily load their phones and buy directly from the network?

    People will buy from you because you are cheaper ma. I’m sure you’ve heard that Nigeria is in recession so people will do anything to save their money even if it’s not more than N100. Besides, don’t you think those around you will rather buy from, someone they know (I’m assuming you’re a nice person like me *tongue out) that is selling for less what the networks are offering than buy from the networks directly? It’s all about relationships.

  • q-iconI don’t know how to market Temi. How will I manage?

    Hmnn… that’s a serious something but like my mentor, Mrs Ibukun Awosika would say, not knowing is not a bad thing but staying ignorant is a sin.

    It’s okay that you don’t know how to market, are you ready to learn? I will be offering you one full month mentorship on how to market right where your customers are – ONLINE.

    Marketing is a very crucial part of any business and if you want to succeed in business, you better take it very seriously.

    Are you willing and ready to learn? If not, mbok don’t join this business.

  • q-iconHow soon will I start making money?

    If you follow all I will be teaching you, you will start making money from the very first day you start the business which is as soon as you have finished taking your courses.

  • q-iconTemi did you really make over a million from this business in 5 months?

    Yes ma’am, I did. I made over a million naira CUMULATIVELY from this business in 5 months. Not from direct sales of data but it was from the business.

    Was it easy? Not at all! Will I teach you how I did it, absolutely! I’m that nice.

  • q-iconWill I be able to sell to everyone?

    No honey, not everyone is your customer. Not everyone uses the data plans you sell but majority of people who are online do. Specifically, users of tablets, modems, iPad, iPhone, Androids, BlackBerry 10, and so on who use MTN to browse are your customers.

    I’m sure you know millions of Nigerians are online and with just a hundred clients, you are well on your way to success.

  • q-iconTemi please be truthful. Is the money-back really guaranteed?

    Yes, it is. If 30 days after you START the business you haven’t made your training fee back, I will refund your money with an apology. BUT you MUST show me that you have done ALL I outlined for you to do and still didn’t make money from the business.

    If you cannot show me your proof, sorry.

    I do not have the energy nor time to be arguing with you over a refund you may not deserve especially if you are even yet to start the business.

    Already, you have gotten what you paid for (the courses) and sincerely, if your reason for joining this business is to get a refund, PLEASE don’t register.

    This is me being honest.

  • q-iconWhat will I need to start this business? Will I need to register with MTN?

    No dear, you don’t need to register with  them. All you need is their sim which must be registered. Abi how do you think you can buy and sell data on the network without their sim?

    But, no you won’t need to put the sim in a very expensive phone. A simple ‘palasa’ Nokia phone can do the job for you.

    You will also need a record book and pen.

    Besides the above, you will also need plenty common sense, good customer service attitude, a positive mentality and good sense of money calculation so you don’t make silly mistakes that will cost you money.

  • q-iconI don’t have computer training madam Temi. How will I cope?

    #smiles… You don’t need any computer training. Sebi you have phone training? That’s all you need. As long as you can dial the codes and use social media well, you’re fine.

    In fact, that you even came this far to read this FAQs shows you have more than the training you need.

  • q-iconI’m in Lokoja, how do I get trained? Can I do this business?

    The whole training is online Sis. Upon payment of your registration fee, you will be given access to the course on our website. It’s a  video course you can watch anywhere at your convenience.

    Then your mentorship with me will hold in a Facebook Support group mainly and it is mainly to answer any questions you may still have after watching the videos well.

    Yes, you can do this business wherever you are in Nigeria so far you have the network signal where you are. All you need to do is to dial the right codes.

  • q-iconWhen is the next group class?

    I’m sorry I don’t intend holding another group class again this year. No more!

    This is why I have made the whole training available as an e course you can buy easily, watch it and still get a one month free mentorship with me.

    But if you want my one-on-one private class, it is is available at N100,000. Just send me a mail and we will set it up.

  • q-iconI want to meet you one-on-one. How can we meet?

    Awwwrrrnnnn…. That’s so sweet and I appreciate your love but I operate from home and the online community is my office. I offer business coaching to women who want to start, grow and profit immensely from their home businesses so they can be millionaire housewives.

    It is only these women who are on my premium coaching program that I take out time to see physically. If you would like to run this premium coaching program with me, visit and go to ‘work with me’.

    You can see more of me on my Facebook community –Ignite Her Africa here or on my website or where I help women find their talents, passion, voice, carve their niche and ‘sell their brain’/expertise.

  • q-iconHmnn… Why should I trust you?

    Have you checked my Facebook page at ? I have two profile accounts with one already 5000 friends so I cannot take any more friends’ requests and the second is close too. Visit my page again where you saw the advert on Facebook and read/watch the other posts there.

    My instagram handle is @themillionairehousewife and on Twitter, I’m @temiashabi.

    If I still appear fraudulent to you after this research, keep your money please.

  • q-iconTemi I’m a broke-ass housewife. I cannot afford this training.

    I’m sorry to hear that and I’m tempted to tell you to go and borrow cos it will be worth it but please don’t so you won’t be under any pressure.

    You can be an Agent who buys from us and resells. The registration fee for this is between N5,000 – N10,000.

    What this means is that we sell to you at a lesser rate than we sell to our customers so you still make some profits ranging from N50 – N200 on each transaction.

  • q-iconStill, I don’t trust you.

    Since that’s not even a question, choose of these two replies: Biko hold your side. Nobody is forcing you so close my page.


    Honey, it’s okay. You don’t have to register.

  • q-iconWhy should I even be trained on this business? The codes are online.

    Good question.

    I went into this business because I was tired of being broke. I was also tired of selling products that would always remains quite a number after selling. I wanted something that had a repeat-purchase feature like food. A business that should I decide I wasn’t interested in anymore, I would not have a load of things to sell at throw-away prices e.g bags, wristwatches, blackberry accessories, sunglasses and frames, all those things I had sold and made money from before. I saw the prospect in this business and began to make enquiries.


    Nothing I saw online helped. The codes are there, true but no one was willing to give me any concrete information on the business. The one person that offered asked me to pay #30,000 for him to mentor me on one network (MTN). Of course I couldn’t afford it and then I kept looking. To cut the long story short, I got the codes and was shabbily taught at a cheaper rate but I ended up paying for it with the money I lost. What my teacher didn’t teach me cost me a lot and I wished I had paid the #30,000 for a proper training at first which I eventually had to.

    So yes, the codes are there but trust me on this: the business is not.

  • q-iconWhat are my chances of success in this business?

    I have to say your chances of success are very high. With millions of Nigerians online every second of the day, data is being consumed. Android phones are being bought daily. iPads, tablets, modems, etc, all consume nothing but data. Secondary school leavers, university undergraduates, business owners and so on are growing in number daily and guess what? They want to save money on their data purchases! That’s where you come in. That’s the problem you help them to solve.

    What are your failure chances?
    Hmnn… I’m afraid your failure chances are high too. If after receiving this training, you close your books and go to sleep, you WILL fail in this business. If you don’t take action, you have failed. If you get discouraged along the line without seeking my or other relevant help, you will fail. You need to be persistent. It’s a risk you are taking. Just like in any business venture, there are no strict guarantees. You will have to work out your own success with diligence and hardwork but with my guide, you’d be a lot better than I was when I was starting out.

  • q-iconTemi is this business really worth it? It sounds like lots of hard-work.

    Oh, I didn’t tell you before? Or you missed it? It is hard work abi what’s successful business is not a hard work? You think to grow a N10,000 business into a million naira business in 5 months is beans or moin-moin?

    My sister, success is hard work and not easy at all but guess what? Poverty is not easy too. Having to depend on your husband or parent for every single needs you have is downright humiliating and if you are not ashamed of always doing that, I’m ashamed on your behalf!

  • q-iconI still cannot afford this. Not even the Reseller option you offered.

    Then this is not for you my sister. If you cannot raise the N5,500 to register as a Reseller or the required capital to start the business, this is not for you. Try to start with little things that doesn’t require any capital to start.

    The truth is, if you cannot afford the registration fee, you cannot afford the business as well. It’s that simple.

    So seriously, Sister get your ass to work! Beg for one if you have to and don’t even think any business or job is below you right now cos you need to get started on something! Start with where you are with what you have.

    No one owes you any favours. You owe yourself so pay up!

  • q-iconWhat else do I gain from this data-sharing business?

    You mean apart from make you money? Here is what a student has to say:img_20160915_174522_edit


  • q-iconHow do I sell to people who are not close to me? How will I get my money?

    Like I’ve been saying, this business is an online business you can do conveniently from the comfort of your home because you don’t have to be physically present with your clients to sell to them and they can either pay into your bank account or send you recharge card. You will then use the recharge card to buy data in bulk from the network.


  • q-iconI’m ready to get started. What do i have to do?


    Make your payments to

    Bank: Access (DiamondBank
    Account Name – Temi Ashabi Global Ltd.
    Account Number –0096656841

    After payment has been made, visit to register.

    then send a mail titled ‘data sharing business registration’ with proof of payment, your name, username/email as created in the academy to me at

    Thank you.

    Hope to see you in class!

  • q-iconPlease, can someone outside Nigeria do this business?


  • q-iconAfter making payment for this training, do I still money to start up

    Yes, you are only paying me for the training. You will need at least 10,000 to kick start the business.