Five Things To Be Mindful Of If You Want Your 2018 To Be Greater Your 2017


It’s not every day that you get to have the mega wings, or the big wings. But when you focus well on the micro and you do plenty micro wings, I mean, you record many micro wings, it is just a matter of time, this micro wings will become mega wings. Actually, you don’t need something huge to
happen before you can say “Oh yes, I’m a success!” You just need little little
things to happen, and then before you know it, success will come upon you.

So you need to focus on the small small things, seemingly small things actually. I mean the things that could just be normal or small, those little decisions, for example: decision to go on google and search for something, decision to run a training, decision to collaborate with somebody, decision to hire somebody, decision to do an advert, decision to buy something, decision to stay up later than usual, it could be anything, those small small decisions come together to give you the macro-mega wings. And when you are able to win in small small things, it increases your courage to take on higher and bigger things, bigger events and bigger actions.


The majors of the major successful people in the world still get criticized. Sometimes I’m marveled why anyone will watch a Mill Smith video and still give it a thumb’s down on YouTube, while anyone will watch a Steve Joe’s video and still give it a thumb’s down on YouTube, while Mario Florio’s video will record any form of thumbs down. I mean, I will watch the video and I’m like “Oh my goodness! This is amazing!! Oh Jessss!!!” I will be all fired up. But when I check the comments, people will still live fowl comments. I will be like “Common, this is a great video”, but guess what, not everybody will see it that way, not everybody will like you. So you have to learn to adapt to the fact that criticism will always come because you are not perfect for everybody. Yes you are perfect in your own way right now, but you are not perfect for everybody. So don’t let people who have not constructed anything good in their lives to give you constructive criticism, and I mean that with every sense of modesty and caution. What I mean is, people can correct you, and it’s okay. Take the correction. But when people are criticizing you, which means they are beating you down with their foolishness, don’t let it. When they tell you, oh this is what they feel you have done wrong, and you know it is wrong, it is best for you to apologize. But when they criticize you, talk down at you and make you feel less than you are, that is unhealthy, and don’t allow yourself be beaten down by such foolishness. How you respond is very important. Ensure that you response keeps you very powerful. Don’t give power to that other person. Don’t give power to the person who has criticized you to make you small. Don’t allow it! Maintain your power. Maintain your posture. But always bear in mind that criticisms will always come. Don’t let it stop you.


This is a very personal one for me because when I was starting out as an authority online,
I had all the valid excuses. I mean I was in Law School. Law school was very hectic. I just had a baby, I didn’t have good equipment, I had ugly looking face, and my face was not smooth. I had intonation issues in my speaking (Yoruba factor). So I felt I didn’t even know much. I was like “what do I know, who will listen to me?” But guess what, I stepped out all the same, in that little self-doubt, in that fear of mine, I dared myself. I had no one cheering me up and saying “go Temi go Temi go”, no, I had no one. So in all my fears, I still stepped out,  I still moved out, I still did my live videos, I still put out my post, I still claimed to be an authority, I still shared the little I knew. I began with a video tagged “3 mistakes that house wives make” – spending it all, not having an account and not having a home business. And that video went viral. It remains my most watched video ever, clocking over 200,000 views right now.

That one was something insignificant that I felt like “Everybody should know this thing”, but guess what, I had comments, people were saying “Oh wow, thank you”, “wow, this is marvelous”, “Oh you have opened my eyes”. People’s lives were blessed watching that video. To me, I felt it was normal that people should know those things, but guess what, what was normal to me , endeared me to so many people who said I have changed their lives. So my point here is; don’t allow yourself to be perfect before you start the journey.

Don’t wait to be perfect rather allow yourself to grow through your journey.
Don’t wait to grow before starting your journey rather allow yourself to grow through your journey.

So when I began having a community, I didn’t have all the content to share. I didn’t even know what to say. I didn’t even know how I will make money from the group. But guess what, I started and I was growing. I was learning here and there and implementing. And from there I began to say “Okay, this is how this is done”. “Oh this idea works better”. “Oh this one sells more”. “Oh this is what people want to learn”. And I began to listen and I began to share content according to my audience’ questions and needs. I did not wait to have it all figured out, and I’m so happy I didn’t, because it has helped me to grow. Don’t wait to grow before starting out your journey.

  1.                  ALWAYS BE IN CHARGE.

Don’t let your emotions to decide what you will do. I remember when I was pregnant, I didn’t use to feel good, I will throw up, I was in my first trimester. My face was so rough. Ordinarily I should be ashamed of it. My nose was big, my energy level was low, my emotions was just all over the place, but I said no, I will allow myself to be in charge. So I will finish throwing up in the bathroom and I will still do my live streams. The place I was staying was ugly. I managed to have a wallpaper in Charles’ corner of the room, and nobody had an idea that that room was still my bedroom. I was sharing the same room with my son and my husband and I was pregnant. Nobody had the idea that I did not have a wardrobe that could contain my clothes. Nobody had an idea that we were staying in just one bedroom apartment, i.e. a parlor and a bedroom. But I said I was going to be in charge of my emotions, I won’t let my emotions run me and that was how I deliberately slayed in 2017. My conditions right now are not perfect but I am here choosing to be in charge. The truth is that emotions are fleeting, never permanent. Don’t make major decisions on your emotions.

    What do I mean? I mean that you should be alone from those you expect to support you ordinarily e.g. your husband, I don’t always have my husband’s support when I am grinding or fulfilling my dreams. I was scheduled to travel to London some weeks ago, my plans were made, invitation ready but guess what He said NO, I couldn’t travel. He showed me all the valid reasons why I couldn’t travel but left to me, I would have made the trip despite those things. So I tried to make the best use of that time even though I could no longer travel, I came up with my offers, increased my fees and permitted myself to shine. I did adverts that pushed me into London market and I made the best use of that period. Always have it at the back of your mind that you wouldn’t always have the support of everybody, be ready to go alone. Don’t wait until you have everybody on your side, your parent, children, spouses- see they are not the ones with the dreams. They can’t see your vision and believe in your dreams always. They will believe you sometimes but don’t expect that always.


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