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From The Desk Of Temitope Ajibewa,
The Millionaire Housewife
Abuja, Nigeria.

Dear Friend,

Do you know that Facebook recently reached  2 billion monthly users. That's about a quarter of the world population. Selling on Facebook is surely a way to earn extra income online.

One of the things that make Facebook the best social media to sell products on is the  feature. It presents infographics about every post you’ve made and how well it is doing with the targeted audience. You don’t need a degree in digital marketing to understand the stats that this feature so neatly presents and shape your selling strategy accordingly.


Okay, you understand the importance of selling on Facebook but have no idea where to start. One of the problems that many sellers face while starting is with the product feed. You need to concisely present all the features of your product while meeting the standards of Facebook’s product feed.

But worry no more! Because there exists an easy solution called How To Sell On Facebook Without Facebook Ads

Take it from me who has built my multiple 7- figure online brand and business empire on Facebook in the past 3 years.

Facebook sales can be draining and as well frustrating if you dont know the right tabs to click.


That is exactly why I wrote this book!

To give you step by step guide to making massive sales on Facebook without running Facebook Ads!

After making real money using Facebook for about 3 years, I have decided to show you my exact blue print;



Buy Now For Only ₦2,000/$6

Here's what you get in this 21 page guide...


Chapter 1: Getting the basics right

In this chapter, you will find out...

- What you must do to set the ball rolling (Page 10)

- How to identify your ideal clients (Page 10)

- How to position yourself qualitatively for massive sales. (Page 11)

Chapter 2: Making Sales

In this chapter you will learn...

- What you must do to continually hit your income goals on Facebook (Page 14)

- How to stay ahead of the lot and ensure you are connecting with the right persons on Facebook (Page 16)

- How to get the desired sales without your buyers feeling burdened (Page 17)


Chapter 3: Beyond The Sales

In this chapter you will finally get to understand...

- How to nurture your customers so that they keep coming back for more (Page 19)


Buy Now For Only ₦2,000/$6

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Because I really want many people to be able to access this guide, I have decided to make the investment required so low, you don't have any excuse not to get it.

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Buy Now For Only ₦2,000/$6

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I'm so confident this book will a tremendous turnaround to your sales online henceforth,  that's why I’m taking all the risk.

If you feel you haven't gotten value from the book, let me know and I'll gladly give you back the ₦2,000 you paid to get the book and you don't even need to send the book back.

Still got questions?

Send a mail to and I’ll gladly help you out.


Temitope Ajibewa

The Millionaire Housewife


P.S: If you’re still hesitant, no problem. I plan to be in business for a long time so I’ll still be here. The only problem is that you’re getting older and your dreams are moving farther - so why procrastinate?

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