You have been trying to figure out for years how you can really make money doing what you love.

You have a job or a small business making you some money but fulfillment is far from you because you are just doing it for the sake of keeping body and soul together plus well, it ain't that bad.

In your heart of hearts, you know you are made for more. You know you deserve more but you honestly do not know how to get there.

You have heard that people can make money doing what they love and you would honestly like to know what that feels like so that you can finally live 'the life of your dreams' without compromising your values nor your peace of mind.

You have run different trainings and programs but somehow you are still lost on the very next step you need to take in your business especially when it comes to online business and marketing.

Sometimes, you have even taken the bold steps to set your goals and make resolutions to achieve them but procrastination keeps setting in, making the goals out of your reach. If only you had a support system you can be accountable to.

You're a business woman, you hear people talk about making sales online but that is strange to you because despite how long and how much you post your products and services online, you get nothing. No enquiries, no sales, no bank alerts.

You are beginning to find entrepreneurship very frustrating and on the verge of giving up but you think again of what people will say because you have quit one too many times.

So you're forced to continue in a business but fulfilment is so far away it actually seems impossible.

Now you're beginning to think maybe the whole entrepreneurship thingy isn't for you. Maybe it's just for the likes of Temi, #TheMillionaireHousewife.

Day in, day out, you just wish you have a step-by-step guide on what to do on your business. Someone to analyse your business steps and actually work with you to help you grow with the right information and strategies and more importantly, hold you accountable.

I see you, Sis. I've been an entrepreneur for over 12 years now with over 20 business experiences and there have been times (plenty times actually) when I've felt so lost and on the verge of giving up.

I actually gave up about three times and picked up a salary job but being on a job wasn't easy at all so permit me to say 'I FEEL YOU' if you are on a job right now.

In all fairness to you, I know you are trying your very best, trying to live your dreams and promoting your business how best you know how - if only the results will be commensurate with the efforts you put in.

I have been privileged to work with thousands of female business owners who are not fulfilled in their businesses and therefore always giving up and looking for new businesses to start every now and then.

Working with them has opened my eyes to the fact that all they needed to remain in business was a little bit of mentoring and accountability and that was why I created the Millionaire Housewife Inner Circle.


In the Inner Circle Group, you will have access to inspiration, methodology, execution and support.

You also get all the mentoring and accountability you need such that you will no longer feel overwhelmed or unfulfilled in your business.

You will not only be guided on what to do, you will be held accountable to your goals.

You will practically be slaying!

The Inner Circle With Temi is a results focused group coaching and mentoring program where I work with you to maximise your results in life and business by sharing with you practical strategies to grow your business into the one of your dreams.

It holds in the millionaire housewife academy with support and interactions in a closed Facebook group.

During this coaching program, you will have access to WEEKLY trainings which includes: Mind work for success, SWOT Analysis, Vision work for success, Goal setting, Client attraction, Crafting compelling offers, Sales Funnel Mastery, Online Marketing, Brand Visibility, List building, Community Mastery, System and Structures, Multiple streams of income, Success management, Business branding, Tech trainings and so on...

You have access to me:

  • During weekly office hours where I answer all your questions personally in the Facebook group.
  • Weekly video trainings in the Inner Circle Vault.
  • Monthly group strategic session on Zoom on what is wrong and what can be better.

You also get:

  • A daily Accountability partner while I hold you accountable weekly.
  • A quality network of sisters to leverage on.
  • Monthly Experts' training
  • Monthly challenges to keep you fired up.
  • Opportunity to list your businesses in the Millionaire Housewife Facebook page.
  • Opportunity to promote your brand in the Millionaire Housewife Facebook community.
  • Amazing discounts on my digital products and trainings


Investment: ₦250,000/$700 bi-annual payment.

₦130,000/$370 every three months

₦50,000/$130 monthly


Oyinlola Cookbakers

When coach Temi called me a day after she gave birth to remind me of our one-on-one call and asking me when I would be available as we missed scheduled call because she was delivering her baby at the time, I thought to myself that she just gave birth and I didn’t want to stress her but she but she refused and insisted that we have the call that day. We ended up spending more than the 1 hour we should have use and she added so much value to my life I’m grateful to God for it.

Before the class, my mind was blank and I really didn’t know what to except but one thing I was sure of as that Temi would add value to my life once again and she really did. She made me think outside the box, pushing and assuring me that I could do it. Our session has given my career a new focus as she helped me see the untapped resources that abound in me.

Are you still unclear about the gift God gave you? Do you need someone who would hold your hands and help you get clarity on how to excel in your chosen career? If all your answers are yes, then you need to subscribe to the Inner circle by Temi Ashabi Ajibewa.

Oyinlola Cookbakers
Bernie Chris

I’m just sitting in awe right now! I’ve never had this kind of value packed experience in one sitting all my life. Around the 28th day of April, I took the decision to be a part of the Millionaire Wife Academy Inner Circle not knowing what exactly to expect but I just trusted that Temi Ashabi Ajibewa ALWAYS has something valuable to offer. As the program kicked off with a half-day intensive call with Temi, I was swept off my feet. I didn’t believe that I could get clarity, courage, energy and direction, all in one call.

I dare say that you are missing out on a lot in your career, life and business if you are not having this kind of personalised experience with Temi. This program has proven to offer everything I have paid different coaches for, all in one.

Thanks a lot Temi for being available, being you and offering yourself selflessly to impact others.

Bernie Chris


  • I built #TheMillionaireHousewife brand from scratch into a global 7 figures business working from home.
  • I built my online community to over 12,000 women within 12 months.
  • I mentor the thousands of women in my community daily to create impact, influence and affluence in life and business.
  • I have worked with hundreds of women just like you to start a business around their area of passion, talents and expertise.
  • I have over a decade experience in doing business with over 20 business types so you can be sure that I have learnt more than a thing or two you can benefit from.
  • As a certified business and result coach, you can be sure of professionalism.
  • I am a product of mentorship and therefore understand the 'unwritten laws'.
  • I am a RUTHLESS EXECUTOR and I demand accountability from my mentees.
  • I believe that you don't have to make the same mistakes I made and waste time and energy figuring things out like I did.
  • I'm pretty much an amazing person and if you really want to slay hard as someone creating impact, influence and affluence doing what she loves, you need me in your corner.

This is what Onyekachi Nnaji has to say after one month in the Inner Circle:

Firstly I must say I have learnt a lot from Temi's teachings and I'm driven to want to make each day count. So I just don't stop at taking note but try my best to apply.

I have become more confident in myself. Listening to how Temi started, I'm no longer afraid of competition or big brands rather I focus and aspire to grow.

I have also listened to her messages about not being too salesy and so I put more effort on putting up posts that will benefit the client and I have been seeing the huge difference that makes in my business.

The major thing I have achieved so far from being in the inner circle is that I have conquered fear. I am willing to move out of my comfort zone and not be afraid of failing.

Following Temi's guide steps, my social media page doesn't look selfish anymore rather it's more informative and entertaining and I get better feed backs and lots of people making enquiries.

Thank you so much Temi. I look forward to more productive time in the inner circle with you.

Onyekachi Nnaji


  • You need to start or grow your business around your area of passion or expertise.
  • You desire mentoring in your life and business so you can achieve more.
  • You are ready to think outside the box so you can see the untapped resources in your business.
  • You need someone to help you get clarity on how to excel in your life and business.
  • You need courage, energy and direction in your business.
  • You need some fire in your bones so you can do more and be more.
  • You are ready to pursue your dreams with fresh zeal so you can maximise your results.
  • You need the energy available in the community of women on the same journey with you.
  • You are in dire need to find your purpose and more importantly, fulfill it while earning comfortably from it.
  • You want to end the vicious cycle and put an end to unpleasant patterns in your life.
  • For some reasons, you're unable to enroll for my one on one program yet but need to work with me ASAP.


  • You are into products based business and don't see yourself offering services.
  • You are not ready to invest in your business' growth.
  • You think you know all you need to do in your business and therefore do not need mentoring.
  • You are unwilling burn your excuses so you can maximise your results in life.
  • You do not have nor ready to start a service-based business.
  • You are not ready to put in the work required to get the results you need.
  • You are not savvy nor passionate about your life and business.

Investment: ₦250,000/$700 bi-annual payment.

₦130,000/$370 every three months

₦50,000/$130 monthly

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Amara Nnaji

I stopped frequenting Temi's Group or looking at her posts for some time due to a reason I can't lay my fingers on but I didn't exit. It could be because some part of my head filed it away as a place for Stay Home wives which I didn't fit into. Then one day, as I picked up my phone, her notification flashed, I followed and discovered The Inner Circle.

I had a concern which I didn't voice to her, I thought ‘what if this baby comes and we can’t continue the program?’ Temi was in the hospital having contractions and chatting with me, I freaked out when she sent me her picture. The day after she delivered the baby, I told myself that I would be inhumane to even think of having a class but she insisted we proceed with the scheduled One-on-One call. I don't get her, I can't relate and I used to think I was a strong woman.

Our sessions straightened out some steps of my journey that had been in knots. Her passion, her willingness to help, her drive, amazing!

If for any reason you are still dawdling about this, I recommend the Inner Circle to you.

Amara Nnaji
Funmi Alabi

I have always known Mrs Temi Ashabi Ajibewa as a ruthless executioner but now, I am totally blown away! Her energy, enthusiasm and heart of service are second to none.

Our intensive call sessions are what I call "Factory reset". Thank you so much, Ma for believing in me even more than I believe in myself. You have succeeded in putting fire in my bones and I am more than ready to pursue my dreams with ruthless execution.

The Inner Circle is indeed a wonderful place to be.

Funmi Alabi



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