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Were you one of those who missed The Millionaire Or Nothing Masterclass events that held in Lagos and Abuja?

Were you unable to make it because you don't live in either city and wished you could get some magical chariots to transport you to the venue?

Did you hear how great it was and you've been beating yourself up for not attending?

If your answer to any of these questions was 'YES', do not fret because you are covered!

The Millionaire Housewife Team its worked magic and birthed...

The Millionaire Or Nothing Masterclass in DVD!!!

The two events were beyond amazing! Just take a look!

Attendees only had amazing things to say about the events, check out their comments

Words can't explain... This is the most rewarding trip I've made all year... It was worth it and many more... Coach you are a blessing Indeed!! May your path continue to shine brighter and brighter everyday!

Esther Egwunye

Coach, you are value itself and I am super glad our paths crossed. Thank you so much for a life defining day. It's the best money I've spent this year. A birthday present worth its cost. Travelling from Enugu to Lagos for this was worth it in every way. Thank you so much, I love you. As for all the amazing ladies I met today, it was a pleasure and I am super excited our paths crossed.

Sylvia Mosanya

The DVD costs ₦20,000 and if you pay before the 2oth of December, you get a free customized 2018 Year Planner all delivered to you for free!

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After watching this video, you will

  • Experience a PARADIGM SHIFT in your life and business as you will get instant results by applying the advanced strategies will learn.
  • Gain CLARITY as to what your passion is and the fastest and easiest way to build a business around it.
  • Learn strategies of rapidly becoming known in your field.
  • You'll learn how to raise your profile in your field and position yourself as a brand that your market loves to promote and invest in.
  • Learn exactly who you are called to serve and the easiest way for you to get them to invest in your offers, become loyal to you and even refer you to others.
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Here's more proof of the awesomeness that the Masterclass was

It was another wow moment for me again today, during the class I felt like running out of class because it felt too much like Coach was talking directly to me. Coach Temi, it is a wonderful experience meeting you one on one. To all the wonderful women who attended, am glad that our path crossed this year. The investment is worth a while for me and it was a dream come true again. Now it's time to take action, so help me God

Oyinlola Cookbakers

Coach Temi, the amazing woman. God bless you! You are the bomb! You have definitely jolted me back to life as it were and I promise I will not let you down. To all the amazing mommas, It was a wonderful and fulfilling time well spent with you

Joy Iga

The DVD costs ₦20,000 and if you pay before the 2oth of December, you get a free customized 2018 Year Planner all delivered to you for free!

Get the DVD here

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