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My name is Temi-Ashabi Ajibewa, popularly called #TheMillionaireHousewife. I am the founder of The Millionaire Housewife Academy.

As a business coach, I work with female professionals and entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses online so that they can live a more fulfilling and financially empowered life. I open your eyes to and help you to take advantage of opportunities around and within you and turn them into income generating ventures.

I have the passion to empower women financially so that they can make empowered decisions. I believe an empowered woman will raise empowered children who will become empowered citizens of the world.

In this eBook, I share how I have been able to make millions in my nightgown and how you too can...

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In this eBook, I share my million-making secrets and the things that have helped me on my journey to being #TheMillionaireHousewife so that you can be one too!


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5 Secrets To Becoming A Millionaire Housewife

In this chapter, you will find out...

- My 5 secrets to becoming a millionaire in my nightgown.

- One switch you MUST make to position yourself to making money from home

- The single approach that makes it easier to make millions in the shortest possible time.

- One little known key that separates those who make REAL MONEY online from those who make peanuts.

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