Amazing and strategic ways to work with me.

As a certified results and business coach, I offer transformational coaching that helps savvy and passionate women to create impact, influence and affluence doing what they love.

I enjoy opening people's eyes to opportunities around them so they can make money but my sweet spot is in helping my clients own a profitable business around their talents,  passion, experience and unique skills.

Here are the specific ways I help my clients to get their desired results.

If you want to start, grow and profit from your own dream business and can learn on your own with the right materials, you should visit my shop for online courses that you can take at your convenience.

The online courses will deliver immediate value to you on how to start, grow and profit from your dream business.

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Inner Circle (Basic): This is a results focused group program where I work with you to scale your business by sharing with you practical strategies to grow your business into the one of your dreams.

There are over 30 topics in the Inner Circle program that will guide you to build a wildly successful business such as :

    • Mind work for success
    • Vision work for success
    • Goal setting
    • Client attraction
    • Crafting compelling offers
    • Online Marketing
    • Brand Visibility
    • List building
    • Community Mastery
    • System and Structures
    • Multiple streams of income
    • Success management
    • Business branding
    • Tech trainings


  • You have access to me during:
    • Weekly office hours where I answer all your questions personally in the group.
    • Weekly video training in the Inner Circle Vault.
    • Monthly group strategic session on Zoom where we dissect your business on what is wrong and what can be better.

    You also get:

    • Paired up with a daily accountability partner.
    • A quality network of sisters to leverage on.
    • Monthly Experts' training as necessary.
    • Monthly challenges to keep you fired up.
    • Opportunity to list your businesses in the Millionaire Housewife Facebook page.
    • Opportunity to promote your brands in the Millionaire Housewife Facebook community.
    • Amazing discounts on my digital products and trainings.

Investment: ₦250,000/$700 bi-annual payment.

₦130,000/$370 every three months

₦50,000/$130 monthly

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In this 2-3 hours strategic session, you and I will delve deep into your current business struggles and come up with a blueprint on how to tackle them head on.

We will map out all you need to do to move from being frustrated to fulfilled.

With this session, you also get 1 follow up 30 mins call within 30 days.

Duration: 2-3 Hours

Venue: Skype/Zoom

Fee: ₦100,000/$270

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This is an intensive strategic session and comes with mentoring merged with Results Coaching.

This is for you if you need is an expert's eyes and brain on your affairs regularly. Someone to hold you accountable to your goals and give you fresh perspectives to your life and business.

To help you get practical results, I also show you my processes and the behind-the-scenes of my business to get specific results.

You get 1 strategic session on Skype/Zoom every month and weekly follow up chats on WhatsApp/Facebook.

Duration: Monthly

Venue: Skype/Zoom

Fee: ₦200,000/$540 Monthly

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In this package, I bring to you all my expertise as a Life and Results Coach to help you achieve major feats in your life. You and I practically go the whole 9 yards together to create impact, influence and affluence doing what you love while also living a fulfilling life.

Every 30 days, we map out and execute all the strategies you need to start and build a highly fulfilling life and business as I help you birth your own dream business idea, build visibility, attract the right clients and actually own a highly profitable and fulfilling business built around your life on your own terms.

What you get:

  • All the trainings you need to achieve results
  • Daily accountability
  • Tools and resources

In this program, we become best friends, enemies and then sisters. I offer you clarity and the help you need achieve your life goals. Be it to lose weight or to write a book; be it to get married or to start a business, I am will be with you every step of the way.

If you know you need someone who would not indulge you nor accept your excuses but hold you accountable to your own goals, this is for you.

Together, we would battle your procrastination, focus on helping you achieve specific goals and attain massive results in your life one day at a time.

Investment: $1000 / ₦360,000 monthly.


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