One Deadly Habit That Will Stop You From Moving Closer To Your Goals In 2018

That deadly habit is none other than TAKING THINGS FOR GRANTED. There are three things I want to highlight here that you must not take for granted in 2018. They are

  1. Do not take opportunities for granted: All those things that you have right now were once a prayer point for you and right now somebody else is praying for them. I mean all the opportunities you have right now, it could be your degree, Facebook, internet, business skills, whatever it is.  Make the best use of it and don’t take it for granted. 
  2. Do not take your relationships for granted: Don’t take your friends, siblings, in-laws for granted. Sometimes I hear people say things like “I wish you were my sister, I will have drained your brain”, that person’s sister hasn’t drained her brain. Don’t take your mentors for granted, don’t call them indiscriminately, don’t ask those questions that google can answer. Don’t encroach into their time. 
  3. Do not take yourself for granted:  Don’t take your skill, experience, talent and your time for granted. Don’t take your brand building for granted. A lot business owners wants to be build their brands but they don’t care about their graphics, their looks, their grammar, they don’t even care to reply those who engage their posts. They don’t take things deliberately, that is you taking yourself for granted. Don’t take your skills for granted i.e. you know something that somebody else don’t know even if it’s just 1% above the average crowd, don’t wash down your ability.

1. You can take opportunities for granted when you don’t take advantage of such things. For example, you have a mobile phone with access to internet and you keep saying you don’t have things. Stop focusing on what you don’t have. Stop looking for more businesses when the ones you have in your hands are not being maximized. If you don’t take advantage of opportunities, that opportunity will not stay with you. Whatever you don’t respect will not stay with you.

2. How you take your relationships for granted is when you start feeling entitled to your friend’s time, your sister in laws’ time and their expertise saying after all, we grew up together. If that friend has moved far ahead of you, all you need to do is to be humble and learn from this friend no matter how young or inexperienced she is. So far she has moved ahead of you in a sphere of life in which you are just trying to attain, then you want to stay close and humble enough to learn from such friend. When you are feeling entitled to people’s time, you are taking them for granted. Stop calling them indiscriminately to pick their brains on what you do not deserve. Life gives you what you demand and not what you deserve. Some people will not offer a helping hand until they see that you deserve the help, until they see how much you have done for yourself. Nobody owes you anything!

3. You can take yourself for granted by comparing yourself with other people. That way you are not allowing yourself to shine your own light. You are sneaking on their timeline, people will always be themselves, every other person is taken, so you should always be yourself. The more of a photocopy you want to be, the less of yourself you will be and who wants a photocopy when they can see the original. Celebrate your strength. Stop focusing on your competition rather focus on your mentors, people that will help you grow and show you possibilities of what is available in the future.

1. If you have been taking opportunities for granted, take it one step at a time doing the things that you have been procrastinating. The opportunities available for you – the friends you would have made, the calls you would have made. Start taking advantage of those things one by one.

2. If you have been taking advantage of those relationships, start adding value to those relationships. Give and it shall be given unto you. Do not ask to receive until you have given. Always out give the other person, that way people will keep owing you wherever you go, they always feel indebted to you.

3. If you have been taking advantage of yourself by comparing yourself to other people, what you want to do right now is to be yourself. If you are the gentle type who doesn’t like to talk too much, start doing your live streaming in that gentle way, you can even do a voice note. Be yourself, be original, every other person is taken, you are a miracle, stop looking down on yourself, stop saying you are not enough. Know that you are awesome all by yourself. Those who have had contact with me know that I love myself to pieces. That way I make others loving me more exciting, attracting. That way, I am also giving you the psychological permission to love yourself.

Be confident of yourself and your abilities!

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