How I Became A Millionaire In 4 Months
And How You Too Can By Copying Me

Dear Nigerian Housewife,

This next question I'm about to ask you is the most important question that got me out of poverty. So think deeply about it. 

The question is:

What is the one thing that you can't allow poverty do to you?

For me, it is not being able to afford the luxury of life when I want to.

Like Most Nigerian women, I have always looked forward to a smooth marriage with zero worries about money but reality dawned on me when I was pregnant with my first child because I realized that if I continue my life the way it was going, I would end up being a liability to my husband.

I Had Two Options

To remain in the same state and be utterly unable to afford the basic things in life or to launch my own business right from home.

I chose the second option and it has been the best decision of my life so far!

Late 2014, while nursing my first baby, I started my business from the comfort of my home with 4 tools:

  1. My old Tecno phone
  2. A 60 leaves exercise book
  3. A ₦20 pen
  4. A half brain

It is unbelievable how far I have gone since then and I thank God for this massive upgrade!

You see that I included a half a brain in the tools I started with because running this business is so straightforward that you don't even need to know to operate a computer to start the business which I am about to reveal to you. 

So go grab a pen and paper right now


In a few seconds I’m going to show YOU 3 powerful little tips that could make you MORE money in the next 6 months than you’ve ever made in the past 6 years of your life.

Before I continue I would like to state this clearly:

This business is not for:

  1. People that have a poverty mindset 
  2. People that want a get rich quick scheme 
  3. Lazy people 
  4. People that are too scared to take action 

Please stop reading now if you fall under any of the categories above. Thank you. Bye.

If you are still reading this, it shows that you are truly tired of your present situation and you genuinely desire an upgrade in your life. 


Let me give you a quick introduction of myself.

My name is Temi Ajibewa, Founder of The Millionaire Housewife Academy and for the past 4 years I have NEVER had a reason to need a job.

I stay at home and nurse my two beautiful kids even though I have 2 degrees - BA in English and LLB Law.

Here's why...

In April 2015 I made my first million cumulatively after 4 months in the exact business I’m about to show you and ever since, using these same 3 little tips which I will be giving to you freely, I have been able to hit the 1-million-naira-a-month mark consistently, without having a shop or an office, no single employee and with very little overhead expenses.

...all I have been able to use to get this results are simply my smartphone, internet connection, a notepad and a pen.

I have gone on to build several online businesses that run on auto-pilot, whether or not I show up, and still effortlessly pull in a 7 figure income from my house MONTHLY.

Now, the question that should be going through your mind right now is:

What Is It That I Do That Gives Me This Much Money?

If that is it, then you are on the right track. Continue Reading.

We all know that the QUICKEST way money has been made for centuries is to start up something that allows you to sell something and make a HUGE profit, right?

I know you know already that a job can’t give you this. It has to be some sort of business.

The question now is What Kind Of Business?

Because, let’s face it, I know you are not lazy and you really want to start doing something.

….maybe start up something that will bring in money for you or something that will give you the freedom to finally leave your job. And I know you already agree with me that you need a business to go into.


It is either you don’t know what business to do,

…..or you don’t have the start-up capital to launch your dream business

….or maybe you do have the money but you don’t know a profitable business to put it into that is guaranteed to give you the money back plus profit.

 Now this is a big lesson that I have learned…

…a business that is guaranteed to give you SO MUCH money does not have to be stressful, in fact – I make money from my couch at home, while I take care of my kids.

In my 5 years of doing business online, I can tell you this:

If you are new to online business, there is ONLY one business for you to start with and begin to make money from day one!

I make money from this business, and making this much money makes me happy.

But what gives me much joy is when I see my students succeeding too.

Read what a few of my students are saying below

This business can change anyone's life!

Why Am I So Confident In This Business?

I will tell you the truth in just 2points:

  1. This is the same business that I started in 2014 and it has helped me to launch my career in online business.
  2. This business is good for you because it is very straightforward and it doesn't require so much start-up capital before you start getting unbelievable results. In fact, I started with just 10,000 naira! 

This is the best part:

I am going to teach you how to start your own business, with the same amount, in detailed and easy-to-understand steps. 

I have decided to teach you this business because it is so easy to succeed at it. This business was my first step out of poverty and it was through this same business that I became a millionaire in 4 months. 

When I started this business I had to go through a lot of stress because most people don't document their success, so they don't know how to teach others what they have done. 

But you are very lucky because I have documented all my steps very well, I have simplified the processes and I have removed the unnecessary difficulties that I faced along my journey, in an Online Course.


In this course, you will learn how to build a 7 figure business by putting straw into the Billion naira data market and sucking out a portion of that money for yourself through selling MTN data bundles in bits to those around you.

Here's specifically what you will learn:

  • How I went from =N=0 to over =N=1 million in 5 months (you get the exact step by step)
  • How to configure your SIM, choose the best and most profitable network data packages to sell
  • How to easily sell your data packages without even talking to one person (they will be begging to buy from you!)
  • The fastest way to get started and start making money in this business (I wish I knew this when I was starting)
  • Don't make these mistakes! 3 things you should never do when you're in the data sharing business or you will go broke faster that a flash of lightning and so much more.

And much more like

  • 30 days one on one mentoring
  • Lifetime group membership plus regular updates on the course.

Here is a sneak peak of what happens in the support group

Why will this business remain profitable?

The answer to this question is very simple and I will answer it with these 3 points:

  1. Almost every single Nigerian today (male and female, above 12 years old) has a smart mobile phone.
  2. The phones need data to be smart.
  3. MTN network is not going anywhere anytime soon.

In fact, having data on our phones is more important than a meal these days because online is where everything happens now!

If you still don't understand, let me quickly give you a breakdown of the potential of this business. 

Do you have an idea of the number of people that buy data from MTN everyday? 

The cheapest data is 1000 naira, MTN has over 16 million subscribers. But let us assume only 1 million persons buy 1000 naira data (It could be more, but let’s work with this number.

1,000,000 People x N1,000 Data = 1,000,000,000 EVERY MONTH.

1 Billion Naira!

People need data everyday and they need it immediately. Even better, they do not want to pay a lot of money for it.

This is where you and I come in.

You can sell the data to them for cheap, while you reap huge profits at the same time.

Now, imagine what you can do if you are able to tap into the MTN data market, and start selling data to just a 100 of MTN subscribers monthly for a start. I had over 1000 customers!

This is the same business that I used to make my first million online. And I am going to reveal EVERY secret involved in pulling it off, right here in Nigeria

And don't forget that I will also personally mentor you in my mentorship group where I will do the following:

  1. I will show you how you too can make your first million in the Data business.
  2. I will hold you by the hand and mentor you for one full month while you try to steady your business.
  3. I will show you all I did and the techniques that I use to remain competitive and profitable.

But Note; This Can Only Work For You If You Are Really Serious To Succeed.

I will tell you the truth. 

True enough, this is easy to set up and start immediately but the results you will achieve depends on how far you are willing to go. I have worked with students who stop at just making 50,000 Naira profit per month while some other ones have gone on to do a million naira and above.

So your results are typical to your type of person.

The data sharing course was valued at ₦70,000 when I started teaching people but I am making it very accessible to you for just ₦42,000. 

Why? Because I want you to succeed and begin to make money from the comfort of your home like me! That way, I can fulfill my vision of empowering lots of women.


Hold On! 


There is a VERY CRAZY DISCOUNT that makes this course almost FREE for some VERY SPECIAL set of people. Will you be a part of these special people? Continue reading to find out! 

A special bonus also comes with this amazing course. I will be giving you a free copy of my book "The beginner's guide to making money on the internet" when you purchase the Millionaire Housewife Starter Course ABSOLUTELY FOR FREE!

This free guide guide will fully expose you to:

  • Find out exactly what an online business is
  • Learn how to win the trust of your customers
  • Get 10 profitable online businesses you can start immediately


If you register for the Millionaire Housewife Starter Course before the Timer counts down, I will be giving you a massive 50% discount and you will be paying just ₦21,000 instead of the usual ₦42,000.

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I will also gift you with one of my hot selling courses -THE SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING E-COURSE - only if you make payment TODAY.


Unbelievable Right?

I meant it when I said I want to see you succeed.



Guess what? Your purchase of this course comes with a 30-DAY 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

money back logo


So here’s what my 30-Day guarantee means.

When you get our “Data Business” manual, study it properly and BEGIN your one month mentorhip program with me, all I ask is that you put the system to test for 30 days.

Just 30 days only.

If at the end of that time, you did EVERYTHING I outlined in the manual and all I teach you as your mentor and you have not made back your registration fee, simply let me know and I will send back your registration fee IN FULL.

No arguments.

This tells you I am willing to stand behind what I will teach you because I am sure of it. It’s a business I do EVERYDAY, my friends do it and many other people I have taught do it successfully.



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To register, you have two options.

OPTION ONE: Use your card by using the button above


Do an on online transfer/cash to:

Bank: Access (DiamondBank
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After payment, send me a mail at titled 'Millionaire Housewife Starter Course registration' containing: your name, phone number and your proof of payment (screenshot).

No ATM transfers please.

Once we confirm your deposit, we will reply within 48 hours.

The N21,000 promo offer closes once the timer goes off.

Again, Here Is What You Are Getting In The Millionaire Housewife Starter Course:

  • The MTN Data Sharing E-course (valued at N42,000)

  • The Online Business Success Bundle Ecourse (valued at N22,500)

  • PLUS

  • A Beginner's Guide to Internet Business (valued at N3,000)

  • Social Media Marketing Ecourse (valued at N36,000 only)

  • Total = N103,500


All for N21,000 only if you pay before the Timer counts down.


If you have any questions, Call or WhatsApp us on 08039406091


To your success now and always,


The Millionaire Housewife
Mrs Temi Ajibewa

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