How I Became A Millionaire In 5 Months
And How You Too Can By Copying Me

The Beginning...

It all began about 2 years ago when I was looking about for cheap Internet data to use on my new Android phone.

Before then, I was just a normal subscriber to the unlimited blackberry plan.

With the Android phone, came the need to buy data constantly and this was digging a hole into my pocket.

My search led me to data resellers who somehow managed to sell at a very cheap rate compared to the networks. I patronised some for a few months, made sure it wasn't a scam and began my journey to find out more about the business.

The Struggle...

I met 2 individuals who wanted to teach me the business on only one network for =N=30,000 and ran away. I wish I had stayed though.

I lost money, time and customers! After going through a shoddy training and about 2 months of trial and error, I finally got the hang of it and I was back in business!

In a matter of months, I had grown my business so much that I was making money from my home while I nursed my 4-month old baby.

Daily profits ranged from =N=6,000 to =N=13,000 and I made between =N=200,000 and =N=300,000 monthly.

Here's A Sample Of My Profit From When I Started:

February/March 2015 Daily Profits

February and March 2015 Profit

April Daily Profit

April 2015 Profit


By May, I couldn't contain it any more, I had to share this good news! So I began to offer training programs to a few stay-at-home mothers around me, teaching them to do the same thing I was doing.

But guess what?

I got threatening calls from the 'landlords' in the business who thought I was foolish to be sharing my goldmine with others. They advised instead that I make these people agents, rather than show them the way.

But I couldn't do that. I mean, I was lucky to have stumbled on this goldmine. Why hoard the information? Or why make other people my "servants" just because I wanted to help them.

My kind-hearted nature wouldn't let me . So I continued helping a few people here and there and that was how...

These Are Their Testimonies

There's more.

And more...

The Millionaire Housewife Data Sharing Business Training Is Born.

In June 2015, I hit the million naira mark from this business.

I was flabberwhelmed!

It wasn't easy but I did it. Right in my husband's house, paying no shop rent, with no employees and with no overhead expenses.

Right from my phone, I made my first million doing the data business.

And now with the help of one of my mentors, I finally have the courage to show Nigerian women who are passionately looking for other streams of income to...

Join Me And Prosper.

I want to show you how you too can make your first million in the Data business.

I will hold you by the hand and mentor you for one full month while you try to steady your business.

I will show you all I did and tricks I played to remain competitive and profitable.

Here's specifically what you will learn:

  • how I went from =N=0 to over =N=1 million in 5 months (you get the exact step by step)
  • how to configure your SIM, choose the best and most profitable network data packages to sell
  • how to easily sell your data packages without even talking to one person (they will be begging to buy from you!)
  • the fastest way to get started and start making money in this business (I wish I knew this when I was starting)
  • Don't make these mistakes! 3 things you should never do when you're in the data sharing business or you will go broke faster that a flash of lightening
  • and so much more.

Here Are 3 Truths No One Can Deny

  • Almost every single Nigerian today (male and female, above 12 years old) has a mobile phone.
  • The phones need data to work.
  • Everyone who has a phone uses data now. 

In fact, it's more important than a meal these days because online is where it all happens!

People need data everyday and they need it immediately. Even better, they do not want to pay a lot of money for it.

This is where you and I come in.

You can sell the data to them for cheap, while you reap huge profits at the same time.


I Can Teach You How

I will teach you practically how to share data on the two major networks in Nigeria - MTN and Etisalat.

With a bonus training on Airtel and Glo too!

Here's how it will work:

Step One: I will send you my "The Millionaire Housewife Data Sharing Business" manual which exposes every single secret you need to succeed in the data business for you to read.

The manual contains everything you need to know to operate very simply and very profitably, starting today.

You will also get another manual containing over 60 possible question you may have and very comprehensive answers to them.

Once you have taken your time to study these 2 hand-outs, you are ready for success!

Note: You can begin your marketing and sales immediately you finish studying your manuals because the info contained in them is more than enough to get you started without a hitch.

Step Two: I will support you for the next 1 month on the business till you are steady and fit to stand on your own.

To get this business manual, all you need is an investment of...

Just A Small New Year Promo price of

=N= 20,000


This course is valued at over =N=250,000 and if I charged you that amount, it would still be worth it.

But you won't be paying anything near that amount. You won't be paying =N=200,000, or =N=100,000, not even =N=50,000.

All you will be paying to join me in the business is a small token of =N=20,000.

And if you pay within the next 7 days, I tell you, it will be the best =N=20,000 you will ever spend on yourself and here's why -

Now instead of just spending money, you will be making an investment in yourself. This is an investment that will pay you back 5x, 10x, even 20 times over the next 30 days, from the day you start.

Let's say for instance, you make just =N=100,000 your first month selling data to customers, you will have made 5 times your investment.

5 times!

And that's just for the first month alone.

Even if you make just =N=50,000 your first month, that's still more than 2 times your investment.

And I want this to be a no-brainer for you so I have decided to offer you a...

money back logo


So here’s what my 30-Day guarantee means.

When you get our “Data Business” manual, study it properly and BEGIN your one month mentorhip program with me, all I ask is that you put the system to test for 30 days.

Just 30 days only.

If at the end of that time, you did EVERYTHING I outlined in the manual and all I teach you as your mentor and you have not made back your registration fee, simply let me know and I will send back your registration fee IN FULL.

No arguments.

This tells you I am willing to stand behind what I will teach you because I am sure of it. It’s a business I do EVERYDAY, my friends do it and many other people I have taught do it successfully.

You Have Only 2 Choices Going Forward

You can either:

1. Choose to do nothing and not register for this training. But here's what's going to happen when you choose this option.

You will remain lacking money. You will be forced to depend on your husband for your financial needs. Or worse, going back to your parents and siblings to ask for financial help when you should be the one giving them.

Imagine the shame and lowering of status.

I don't know about you but that is exactly something I did not ever want to do. I mean yes, my husband should help with taking care of the family, but I do not want to go to him every time like a slave begging for money everytime I needed to buy simple things for myself, even the ones I'd rather keep private.

If that's what you want,


2. You can choose FREEDOM by getting the "Data Sharing Business" manual and start profiting today.

Again Here's What You're Getting...

  • A complete manual on how to start, grow and profit from the data sharing business.
  • Practical guide to effective advertisement.
  • + BONUS – One month free mentorship on the business.

Here's How To Register And Join The Class

Wait! This business may not be for you! Click HERE now to find out.

To register, you have two options.

OPTION ONE: Do an online bank transfer 


Pay cash


Bank: GTBank
Account Name - Savisiz Plus
Account Number – 01 74 79 81 59

Then Send me a mail to titled 'Data sharing training registration' containing:

A proof of payment (a scan or screenshot), the transaction ID, Your full name, email address and whatsapp number

No ATM transfers please.

Once we confirm your deposit, you will get the link to download the "Data Sharing Business" manual within the next 24 hours.

The N20,000 promo offer closes on Jan 20th.

Do you still have more questions? Click here to get answers to some FAQs.

Thank you.

To your success now and always,

The Millionaire Housewife
Mrs Temi-Ashabi Ajibewa

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