Five Things To Be Mindful Of If You Want Your 2018 To Be Greater Your 2017


It’s not every day that you get to have the mega wings, or the big wings. But when you focus well on the micro and you do plenty micro wings, I mean, you record many micro wings, it is just a matter of time, this micro wings will become mega wings. Actually, you don’t need something huge to
happen before you can say “Oh yes, I’m a success!” You just need little little
things to happen, and then before you know it, success will come upon you.

So you need to focus on the small small things, seemingly small things actually. I mean the things that could just be normal or small, those little decisions, for example: decision to go on google and search for something, decision to run a training, decision to collaborate with somebody, decision to hire somebody, decision to do an advert, decision to buy something, decision to stay up later than usual, it could be anything, those small small decisions come together to give you the macro-mega wings. And when you are able to win in small small things, it increases your courage to take on higher and bigger things, bigger events and bigger actions.


The majors of the major successful people in the world still get criticized. Sometimes I’m marveled why anyone will watch a Mill Smith video and still give it a thumb’s down on YouTube, while anyone will watch a Steve Joe’s video and still give it a thumb’s down on YouTube, while Mario Florio’s video will record any form of thumbs down. I mean, I will watch the video and I’m like “Oh my goodness! This is amazing!! Oh Jessss!!!” I will be all fired up. But when I check the comments, people will still live fowl comments. I will be like “Common, this is a great video”, but guess what, not everybody will see it that way, not everybody will like you. So you have to learn to adapt to the fact that criticism will always come because you are not perfect for everybody. Yes you are perfect in your own way right now, but you are not perfect for everybody. So don’t let people who have not constructed anything good in their lives to give you constructive criticism, and I mean that with every sense of modesty and caution. What I mean is, people can correct you, and it’s okay. Take the correction. But when people are criticizing you, which means they are beating you down with their foolishness, don’t let it. When they tell you, oh this is what they feel you have done wrong, and you know it is wrong, it is best for you to apologize. But when they criticize you, talk down at you and make you feel less than you are, that is unhealthy, and don’t allow yourself be beaten down by such foolishness. How you respond is very important. Ensure that you response keeps you very powerful. Don’t give power to that other person. Don’t give power to the person who has criticized you to make you small. Don’t allow it! Maintain your power. Maintain your posture. But always bear in mind that criticisms will always come. Don’t let it stop you.


This is a very personal one for me because when I was starting out as an authority online,
I had all the valid excuses. I mean I was in Law School. Law school was very hectic. I just had a baby, I didn’t have good equipment, I had ugly looking face, and my face was not smooth. I had intonation issues in my speaking (Yoruba factor). So I felt I didn’t even know much. I was like “what do I know, who will listen to me?” But guess what, I stepped out all the same, in that little self-doubt, in that fear of mine, I dared myself. I had no one cheering me up and saying “go Temi go Temi go”, no, I had no one. So in all my fears, I still stepped out,  I still moved out, I still did my live videos, I still put out my post, I still claimed to be an authority, I still shared the little I knew. I began with a video tagged “3 mistakes that house wives make” – spending it all, not having an account and not having a home business. And that video went viral. It remains my most watched video ever, clocking over 200,000 views right now.

That one was something insignificant that I felt like “Everybody should know this thing”, but guess what, I had comments, people were saying “Oh wow, thank you”, “wow, this is marvelous”, “Oh you have opened my eyes”. People’s lives were blessed watching that video. To me, I felt it was normal that people should know those things, but guess what, what was normal to me , endeared me to so many people who said I have changed their lives. So my point here is; don’t allow yourself to be perfect before you start the journey.

Don’t wait to be perfect rather allow yourself to grow through your journey.
Don’t wait to grow before starting your journey rather allow yourself to grow through your journey.

So when I began having a community, I didn’t have all the content to share. I didn’t even know what to say. I didn’t even know how I will make money from the group. But guess what, I started and I was growing. I was learning here and there and implementing. And from there I began to say “Okay, this is how this is done”. “Oh this idea works better”. “Oh this one sells more”. “Oh this is what people want to learn”. And I began to listen and I began to share content according to my audience’ questions and needs. I did not wait to have it all figured out, and I’m so happy I didn’t, because it has helped me to grow. Don’t wait to grow before starting out your journey.

  1.                  ALWAYS BE IN CHARGE.

Don’t let your emotions to decide what you will do. I remember when I was pregnant, I didn’t use to feel good, I will throw up, I was in my first trimester. My face was so rough. Ordinarily I should be ashamed of it. My nose was big, my energy level was low, my emotions was just all over the place, but I said no, I will allow myself to be in charge. So I will finish throwing up in the bathroom and I will still do my live streams. The place I was staying was ugly. I managed to have a wallpaper in Charles’ corner of the room, and nobody had an idea that that room was still my bedroom. I was sharing the same room with my son and my husband and I was pregnant. Nobody had the idea that I did not have a wardrobe that could contain my clothes. Nobody had an idea that we were staying in just one bedroom apartment, i.e. a parlor and a bedroom. But I said I was going to be in charge of my emotions, I won’t let my emotions run me and that was how I deliberately slayed in 2017. My conditions right now are not perfect but I am here choosing to be in charge. The truth is that emotions are fleeting, never permanent. Don’t make major decisions on your emotions.

    What do I mean? I mean that you should be alone from those you expect to support you ordinarily e.g. your husband, I don’t always have my husband’s support when I am grinding or fulfilling my dreams. I was scheduled to travel to London some weeks ago, my plans were made, invitation ready but guess what He said NO, I couldn’t travel. He showed me all the valid reasons why I couldn’t travel but left to me, I would have made the trip despite those things. So I tried to make the best use of that time even though I could no longer travel, I came up with my offers, increased my fees and permitted myself to shine. I did adverts that pushed me into London market and I made the best use of that period. Always have it at the back of your mind that you wouldn’t always have the support of everybody, be ready to go alone. Don’t wait until you have everybody on your side, your parent, children, spouses- see they are not the ones with the dreams. They can’t see your vision and believe in your dreams always. They will believe you sometimes but don’t expect that always.


3 Surest Ways​ To Make Money Online

Online business simply means leveraging on the internet to make money.

For the purpose of this post, I will be sharing with you the 3 surest ways you can make money online. They are not just theories, they are the things I have done and are working well. They include

  1. Sell your services online. This simply means you are exchanging value for money. Like someone rightly said “for you to get money means someone is parting with money. Use what you have to get what you want. What value do you currently have, what is your course of study? Whether an accountant, doctor, quantity surveyor. Start promoting it now, open a Facebook page and Facebook group and throw traffic in there. It can be free or paid but preferably paid traffic.
  2. Sell products. Selling is the ultimate way of making money online. Sell physical products such as earrings, make up, weavons, shoes, bags etc. You can sell digital products as well. This is the surest way to go. I made my first million from selling products – my e-course on “how to start data sharing business”. It could be ebook, audio or video courses. Look for products that resonate and are accessible to you, sell them on Facebook, website, Amazon, eBay etc.

Getting an ebook in your name is simple.

  • Get a topic you know you are an authority in, either you have done it successfully or you have researched or read widely.
  • Type it into a word document and export it to PDF.
  • Or go to, buy a book off the shelf, add your own mojo, change the text, change the graphics and add your company’s name. You have an ebook to your name already.

To create a video course

  • You can create video courses directly from your phones or laptop.
  • You can also do that with a tripod stand for instance if you want to cook or sew in the video. Don’t bother about getting it all perfect the first time.
  • You can do a video with a screen recorder as well. Get a laptop to do a power point, use your earpiece to record your voice over the power point​. Upload on YouTube and sell out the link. Use to cast your voice.
  1. Affiliates. You don’t need money to start up this one. If you are reading this post, then you can do it. If you know someone who has products to sell online whether digital or physical, be humble enough to ask them to let you need their affiliate. They will give you certain percentages as commission. You can become affiliates for companies like jumia, konga, jiji, etc. You can start saving from here to start up other businesses.

Now you don’t have any excuse why you shouldn’t have an online business.

6 Amazing Tips To Successfully Transition From Your Day Job To Your Own Business

I used to have a job where I earned salary and I had a boss who required that I do far more than my job description.

One day, something amazing happened. I got to the office and on the notice board was an inscription that says

“The only reason why you are permitted to come late or be absent from work is that you are dead and you are attending your funeral”.

Heck! Something in me died instantly. I felt that was the highest level of inconsideration and inhumanity. I began to think, what of emergencies, what if I was in an accident. They ain’t enough reasons not to be absent from work or even come late.

With all that happened, I began to think of how to transition successfully from that woman who was waiting for salary to come at the end of the month to becoming an entrepreneur and a business owner. I got the courage to resign after working for 3 years and 3 months.

I have heard a lot of people complain about how hard it is to transition successfully without an hitch from paid job to becoming business owners. Calm down and let’s go through this step by step.

  1. Ask yourself and come up with an answer to this question. What is the problem that I want to solve. The truth is that business is about problem solving. Based on your current abilities, skills, passion, things you do easily, what are the solutions you can give to certain problems. You have to start with something that resonates with you and can also generate some level of income.
  2. You have clearly identify the gap you are coming to fill in. This means you have to niche down. What do I mean? Let’s take for instance you want to go into catering, you will to niche down to either home delivery, Restaurant, outdoor catering, office delivery, baking. You will also have to narrow down to your target market. Ensure they are people who can pay for your services. Shine your vision and purpose, this will determine those you are serving.
  3. Set clear goals and picture yourself in that place you wish to be. Clearly ask yourself what you want to achieve. Never focus on the things you don’t like, that is recipe for disaster. Paint the picture of what you want and make it so real. Set SMART goals. Be clear on your offers and products and how much they will bring to you monthly. Plan out on how to attract and connect with your ideal clients. How would they buy from you again and again?
  4. Make decisions based on where you are going to and not where you are. Remember you want to be  an entrepreneur, start thinking like one and not the salary earner you are right now. Entrepreneurs are hard workers, risk takers, goal getters. Don’t think like salary earner, whether business flourishes or not, salary is sure. The things you do, relationships you make should take you to a place of abundantly and fulfilment. The mind is a powerful place where you have to get everything right, anything short will affect every aspect of one’s life. Make decisions from success angle. You have to be, before you can do and before you can have.
  5. Hire a team to guide you step by step. If you don’t want to strife and struggle, hire someone who has done it successfully to guide you. I am not saying you should ask for their help but hire. When the ships are down, the team you hire will show you what to do and how to do it.
  6. Build​your dream at your pace. Business is harder than working 9-5 but the difference is that you are working for yourself. All your efforts, sweat, losses and gain belongs to you. Working for someone is hard and working for yourself is hard, you have to choose your hard.  Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. If you don’t have self motivation, can do spirit, perseverance and resilience, business is not for you. Just stick to your salary job. But if you think you deserve a better life than you currently have, start practicing the above tips.

Above all become more efficient at your day job, this will help you in working your dreams.

  • Optimize your productivity, seize opportunities around you.
  • Be humble enough to learn from those who are doing what you want to do.
  • Build value packed relationships. Attend events, you need the right network for things to become a lot more easier with you.

6 Signs You Don’t Need A Coach

Heck! Business coaches are overrated! Here are 6 ways for you to know you don’t need one.

I am a business coach, no doubt about it but sometimes really, you don’t need one and the moment you need, problems start popping up here and there.

If you exhibit any of the signs below, trust me, you don’t need a business coach.

This will serve as a checklist for you to know if you will hire a business coach or not;

  1. You have full clarity about your business. This simply means that you have all the answers to all the bugging questions. You know exactly what you need to know. You know what to press, click and who to call. You know when to execute all of the above. You don’t need a business coach.
  2. You are self sufficient. This literally means that you know what to do and you can do it. What coaches do is to show you what to do and how to do it as well. Most answers that you find on Google will only show you what to do and not the how. If you don’t need anyone to show you what to do and how to do it, heck! You don’t need a coach.
  3. You find it difficult to learn from others. You are the kind who has the feeling that anyone who shows you what to do is trying to show off or the individual is forming or you feel that the individual is feeling like TOO KNOW or you feel they are just trying to grab your money. Sorry! You don’t need a coach.
  4. You find it difficult to obey life changing instructions. If all you want is that somebody is working for you instead of working with you. You don’t need a coach. The truth is that the growth in your business will reflect in your life ultimately.
  5. You are lazy and don’t enjoy doing the work. If all you want is someone who will give you a blueprint that you copy and paste without you having to the brain work. Let me quickly remind you that a coach never gets to field to play. He/she only gives instructions after he/she must have done the gingering, rigorous training at the background. Coaches don’t work for you, they work with you.
  6. You love freebies. If all you want is free information and knowledge, please stay with Google. The coaches​ didn’t knowledge free of charge. They paid their ways​ to wherever they are today, you also must be ready to pay your dues. You don’t want to use someone’s brain to grow your business free of charge. That is witchcraft.

If you exhibit or have any of the tendencies above. Don’t bother hiring a business coach.

18 Pointers To Your Dream Business

I have had to answer series of questions on how I found out what my dream business. A whole lot want me to take them through on how to know the right business to start hence this post.

So I will be sharing 18 pointers to your dream business. They are basically questions you need to ask yourself and you must be affirmative to at least 10 of these questions. This will give an excellent pointer to your dream business. They are:

  1. Would you like to grow old doing what you are doing right now?
  2. Would you want to be the best ever in what you are doing right now?
  3. What is the one thing you need to do to make positive impact in life? And what is that positive impact?
  4. Who is doing something closest to your dream business?
  5. What would you like to be successful doing?
  6. What area of live will you like to make positive impact?
  7. What will you like to be remembered for the most?
  8. What life blowing accomplishment will you like your name to be stamped on?
  9. What field will you like your name to be found?
  10. What do you do best with your least effort?
  11. What kind of help do people ask you constantly for?
  12. What area of influence do people show you respect or accolades?
  13. What area will you like to be an authority at?
  14. What frustrates you the most right now when done poorly?
  15. What do you always loose track of time doing?
  16. Which of all human needs touches your heart the most?
  17. If you are a solution, what is the problem?
  18. What subject matter interests you the most?

These are excellent pointers to your dream business. If you have been able to answer in the affirmative, 10 of the above questions. You can contact me for more clarity.


The events of my life these past days have got me thinking especially as this year rounds off. I’ve been thinking about how we all began the year with goals.

Most (or all) of us were pumped up and motivated to work on those goals in January. Most surprisingly, 92% fail at their goals. But here you are, close to the end of the year, and you’ve lost all your vibes to pursue your goal, and you don’t even know why!

I will tell you why.

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