The Millionaire Housewife Virtual Assistance Services

We help increase productivity for SMEs, business consultants, small business owners, online entrepreneurs, writers, coaches, professionals and so on by taking on their administrative duties so that they can pay attention to doing more important activities.

Our services include:

  • Content Creation
  • Calendar & General Itinerary Management
  • Email Management
  • Data Entry
  • Social Media Account Set up & Management
  • Graphics design
  • Online Research
  • Brand Building
  • Book-keeping
  • Event planning
  • Customer service inquiries Management
  • Ghostwriting
  • Web Design and Blog Development
  • Copy-writing & Editing
  • Audio & Video Transcription
  • E-commerce Store Setup & Management

Get the job done in the shortest possible time

Is a large part of your workday being consumed by phone calls, paperwork and other time sensitive tasks? Then hiring a virtual assistant may be your ideal solution.

We provide administrative support virtually for Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Small Businesses with our trained VA personnel helping you work smartly and achieve more goals.

A virtual assistant can handle many of the everyday clerical, scheduling and technical aspects that keep your business operating smoothly so you can focus on more intense tasks.

Virtual assistants work from their own location and can be based in your city or on the other side of the world.

Well equipped with the right resources for  efficient and productive VA tasks, we engage our VAs with periodic trainings and evaluation programmes to ensure that they are abreast with the latest development for qualitative services.

At the millionaire housewife VA services, we provide you with smart, trained, tested and trusted professional female virtual assistants who will work with you to ease your burdens at affordable rates.

The millionaire Housewife VA services guarantees excellent service delivery with highly qualified services within the shortest possible time.

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Deliver your skills right from home

In line with our vision to inspire and empower just housewives to become phenomenal housewives by helping them build profitable businesses from the comfort of their homes without sacrificing their family time, we want to help housewives monetize their skills as virtual assistants.

We at MH VA services are recruiting Virtual Assistants to provide administrative support to our clients while working remotely.

As a virtual assistant, you will be required to perform various administrative tasks such as attending to emails,scheduling meetings, making travel arrangements, social media management, web management, graphic designs and so on.

For this role, a strong internet connection is required, along with experience using communication and tech tools such as computers, smartphones e.t.c.

Ultimately, you should be able to handle administrative projects and deliver high quality work under minimum supervision in the shortest possible period.

We would be responsible for training, mentoring and recommending you to our clients in exchange for a percentage of your monthly salary as our administrative charges.

You are to apply first then we would get in touch with you if we consider you a fit for our organization.

Apply As A VA

How it works:

To Hire A VA, apply by filling the form above and within 5 working days, you will hear from us if we have a suitable candidate for you or not.

If we do not, we will keep your request in view and get back to you as soon as we do.

If we do, we would send you her details so you can carry out further research and conversations with her. If you are satisfied with the candidate, you will get back to us and we would discuss the terms of engagement which includes privacy and payment details.

You need to know that none of our VAs is available on an exclusive employment but we ensure no one takes more than they can bear.

You also get 2 weeks free trial to determine if you are OK working with your assigned VA before she begins working with you officially.

The MH VA Services shall be responsible for payment negotiations and dispute resolutions between you and the VA.

For further inquiries, please send a mail to us at


Hire A VA

To become one of our VAs, fill the form above to the best of your ability. We will contact you once we have a request we believe you can handle.

You will have the opportunity to be exposed to monthly administrative and technical training and mentoring from the TMH VA team, headed by our founder, Temi Ajibewa.

You will be required to work for free for 2 weeks with each client we refer you to so he/she can ascertain your competence and compatibility.

Here, you are considered a part of our team and we care for you specially by providing you with FREE monthly training and unlimited access to mentoring from our seasoned VAs, so you can become a success at this. We also provide you with a support group on the telegram app so you don't ever have to be alone.

You get paid 80% of every salary you earn for as long as you remain with us.You have access to occasional training and mentorship from us.

If you are unavailable to deliver on your duties with our clients for unavoidable reasons, we will step in for you for that period of time (of not more than 3 weeks) at 20% reduction in your salary at the end of the month.

Apply As A VA

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