About Us

The Millionaire Housewife is a platform dedicated to helping women start, grow and profit immensely, from their home businesses, so that they can become millionaire housewives.

We do this by opening your eyes to home-based business opportunities, that you can start and arming you with the required knowledge to succeed in them, using our resources.

Just about 2 years ago, our founder Temi Ajibewa was a housewife running a profitable home business, the data sharing business (which she still does on www.savisizplus.com) and making cool cash from the comfort of her home. She has gone ahead to build several other online businesses. However, not without mistakes, which have deepened her wealth of experience.

Her desire to help other women (especially housewives) too, to become financially empowered by starting a home business, led to the birth of The millionaire Housewife.

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Hundreds of housewives have been helped via this platform, to start and grow successful home-based businesses, hence making them contributors in their family finances.

Don't die in silence. Don't live a continually dependent life. You are made for more. You are more.