The Millionaire Housewife Academy

… Creating wealth and impact from home.

The Millionaire Housewife Academy is the signature offering of The Millionaire Housewife Initiative that runs as a membership program.

The aim of this program is to ensure that our members are adequately equipped with the training, mentoring, community and coaching required to create wealth and impact from the comfort of their homes, leveraging on technology.

Community. Training. Accountability.

Membership Fee: ₦20,000 per quarter, ₦35,000 for 6 months or ₦60,000 for 1 year.

  • It commences with a 6 hour live (physical/online) training – The Millionaire Housewife Business Workshop, followed by:
  • Access to the Millionaire Housewife Academy to take relevant online courses on digital skills for the 21st century and how to start and scale online businesses.
  • Access to business mentoring for 6 months where 20 – 30 women will be paired with a Resident Business mentor.
  • Bi-monthly Industry Expert Sessions on business and life-related topics.
  • Quarterly group coaching and review with our lead Coach – Temi Ajibewa.
  • Access to business funding information.
  • Lifetime access to support on our Facebook group.

We would provide our members with the 5 pillars of building a winning business that they absolutely love.

Best Practices: We are in partnership with industry experts in different fields ranging from branding to account keeping, from business leadership to business diversification, Instagram marketing to Facebook ads.

We cover the 5 core areas of any successful business which are:

  • Personal productivity
  • Family life management (self-care)
  • Sales and marketing
  • Leadership and management
  • Finance

Structure: No more going in circles or feeling stuck because we’re going to help you get complete clarity around what you need to do, step by step, in order to build a wildly successful business.

Mentoring: We’ll then help you implement the strategies through weekly emails and monthly live Masterminds and Q & As sessions.

Accountability Pods: You would no longer be sleeping on your goals. Not when you have us holding you accountable to them.

Support: In the multitude of wise counsel, there is safety. In the Millionaire Housewife Incubator, you would never be alone and unsafe because you will have access to the minds of sit-at-home entrepreneurs just like you who are going through and overcoming what you may be going through.

Coaching session topics can include:

  • Profitable business ideas
  • How do I overcome my fear of starting/failing?
  • What is the perfect business for me?
  • How do I turn my talents into money?
  • How do I charge for what I would have gladly done for free?
  • What to do when people don’t buy
  • What if I fail?/ how to handle failure in business?
  • How to make money doing what you love?
  • How to build passive income doing what you love?
  • How to make lots of money impacting people.
  • Sure steps to get rich and impact people.

Explore. Become A Member to have access to our courses and mentoring.

The Millionaire Housewife Academy Membership