How I Became A Millionaire Selling My Skills Online And How You Too Can By Copying Me

Dear Nigerian Lady,

Now that you have proven to me that you are truly ready to learn, let me tell you my personal story of how I went from being a broke housewife filled with financial insecurity to becoming a liberated woman.

My name is Temi Ajibewa, aka The Millionaire Housewife. I am the Founder of The Millionaire Housewife Academy and for the past 5 years I have NEVER had a reason to need a job. I stay at home, run my business from home while I nurse my two beautiful kids even though I have 2 degrees - BA in English and LLB Law.

Here's why...

In April 2015, I made my first million cumulatively after 4 months, and in September 2018, I made my first million in 3 weeks using the exact business model I’m about to show you and ever since, following the same little tips which I will be giving to you freely, I have been able to hit the 1-million-naira-a-month mark consistently, with a virtual assistant and with very little overhead expenses.

...all I have been able to use to get this results are simply getting started with my smartphone, internet connection, a notepad and a pen.

I have gone on to build several online businesses that run on auto-pilot, whether or not I show up, and still effortlessly pull in a 7 figure income from my house MONTHLY.

Like Most Nigerian women, I have always looked forward to a smooth marriage with zero worries about money but reality dawned on me when I got pregnant with my first child because I realized that if I continue my life the way it was going, I would end up being a liability to my husband.

I Had Two Options:

To remain in the same state and be utterly unable to afford the basic things in life or to launch my own business right from home.

I chose the second option and it has been the best decision of my life so far!

Late 2014, while nursing my first baby, I started my online business from the comfort of my home. It is unbelievable how far I have gone since then and I thank God for this massive upgrade!

If you are still reading this, it shows that you are truly tired of your present situation and you genuinely desire an upgrade in your life.

Now, the question that should be going through your mind right now is:

What Is It That I Do That Gives Me This Much Money?

If that is it, then you are on the right track. Continue Reading.

We all know that the QUICKEST way money has been made for centuries is to start up something that allows you to sell something (products or services) and make a HUGE profit, right?

I know you know already that a job can’t give you this. It has to be some sort of business, right?

The question now is What Kind Of Business?

Because, let’s face it, I know you are not lazy and you really want to start doing something, else you will not be on this page.

I know you really want to start up something that will bring in money for you or something that will give you the freedom to finally leave your job. And I know you already agree with me that you need a business to go into.


It is either you don’t know what business to do,

…..or you don’t have the start-up capital to launch your dream business,

….or maybe you do have the money but you don’t know a profitable business to put it into that is guaranteed to give you the money back plus profit.

 Now this is a big lesson that I have learned…

…a business that is guaranteed to give you SO MUCH money does not have to be stressful, in fact – I make money from my couch at home, most times without having had my bath!

In my 5 years of doing business online, I can tell you this for free:

If you are new to online business, there is ONLY one business for you to start with zero capital, zero overhead cost and begin to make money from day one!

The Business Is None Other Than - Selling Your Existing Skill-Set Online!

Selling my skills online changed my life. Like I said earlier, I started as a broke housewife who stumbled on an online business and from there, my life changed. 

I have been featured on several media platforms in my home country and presently the Business Coach of the Year 2018 and Coach of The Year 2019.

Today, I run a Facebook Group of over 15,000 women and have a following of over 50,000 people on Instagram. These are my tribe - the people I feel privileged to mentor every single day over the past 5 years. 

I am grateful for the mentorship of some individuals who through their coaching programs, books and online courses, made me gain some deep insights on how to create a profitable business around my passion, skills and expertise and that is why I have also committed to paying it forward.

My goal is to never hold anything back, never hoard a secret that could help someone else have the life that they desire, especially as it relates to financial freedom.

This is primarily why I am ready to demystify the process that many people (especially housewives like me) have about about monetising their skills right from the comfort of their phones no matter where they are in the world.

What that means is that I prepared a pretty amazing course for you, to take you step by step through the process of monetising your skills online. 

Why? Because I want you to fall in love with me as you become a Millionaire Housewife like me! That way, I can fulfill my vision of empowering lots of women.

But what gives me much joy is when I see my students succeeding too.


The Millionaire Housewife Academy Course for Virtual Assistants equips you with the most fundamental skills that you need as a VA. The course is segmented into 8 Modules to ensure that you are set up as a world class Virtual Assistant.

  • Module 1: Understand the concept of skills monetisation: How you can earn good money using the skills you already have. ($99 value)
  • Module 2: Learn the exact strategy I have used in getting paid clients over the years. ($147 value)
  • Module 3: Discover the phases of growth that is possible once you become a Virtual Assistant. ($147 value)
  • Module 4: Discover how Virtual Assistance is the fastest way to make money online. ($99 value)
  • Module 5: Discover the top 3 places to find paying clients for your business immediately. ($177 value)
  • Module 6: Learn my Pricing Recipe: How to properly place your pricing so you don't short change yourself ($79 value)
  • Module 7: Get the Virtual Assistant Business Worksheet ($22 value)
  • Module 8: Get my Virtual Assistant Business Planner to get you started on your business IMMEDIATELY ($29 value)


Total Value of 8 Modules = $799

I Also Have These Amazing Bonuses For You If You Act Now!!

Before I tell you about my Virtual assistant course, I want to give you two special bonuses for coming this far:

Bonus #1: Private Support group on Facebook where we reveal powerful case studies and strategies you can use to grow your business into 7 Figures. ($97 value)

Bonus #2: Opportunity to join our Millionaire Housewife Community. This is optional but getting this course qualifies you to join our community of high-flying women who work from home, learn on our platform, get mentored by our seasoned mentors and collaborate together to do amazing things! ($149 Value)

Bonus #3: Opportunity to get jobs from us in the Millionaire Housewife Virtual Assistants Hub. We don't just train you, we give you the opportunity to work for our clients and get paid handsomely. ($397 value)

You Get All The Above By Taking Action Now! 

Total Value $1,539 / N554,040

But you will not pay that much. 

All these amazing bonuses can be yours today when you buy The Millionaire Housewife Academy Course for Virtual Assistants Today!

Get all these today for $19 / N6,999 only!

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See what another of my students have to say about the Virtual Assistance Business training she took from me over 2 years ago:

After taking the The Millionaire Housewife Academy Course for Virtual Assistants, my mind was seriously stretched and opened to possibilities of making a living online based on my experience and my passion for social media. 

September 2019 made it 2 years of assisting mostly female entrepreneurs and SMEs  both nationally and internationally with managing their online assets.

By the end of my first year, I was earning between N75,000 and N100,000 monthly, from HOME, based on contract and freelance jobs I got online.

I am super grateful for the training and foundation given to me by the Millionaire Housewife Academy.

Bel Nebeolisa-Mokaogwu Bel Nebeolisa-Mokaogwu
Virtual Essential Online Business Solutions

I am truly honoured to be a part of these women’s success story.

But Note: This Can Only Work For You If You Are Really Serious To Succeed.

As I told you before: This training that I am giving you is heavily discounted and the VA business is easy to set up and start immediately, the results you will achieve depends on your commitment and the efforts that you are willing to put in.

I have worked with students who stop at just making 10,000 naira income per month while some other ones have gone on to do millions in naira.

So your results are typical to your type of person.


Guess what? Your purchase of this course comes with a 7-DAY 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

money back logo

As An Added Guarantee, Your purchase of this course comes with a 7-DAY 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

So here’s what my 7-Day guarantee means:

When you get access to “VA Business” course, watch the video tutorials and begin taking actions, but still FEEL that the Virtual Assistant Course is not something you can succeed at, simply let me know and I will refund your registration fee in FULL.

No arguments.

This tells you I am willing to stand behind what I will teach you because I am sure of it. It’s a business I do EVERYDAY, my friends do it and many other people I have taught do it successfully.


So, there you have it. I have shown you the opportunity to start your journey into the Millionaire Housewife Club and you have 2 choices going forward:

Option 1: Continue in your current confused state of not knowing exactly how to work online to make more money, remain broke and unhappy that you are unable to afford the good things of life.

Option 2: Take my hand by registering for this VA course and let me show you how to use what you have, your current skills, to make you financially free online.

Get all these today for $19 / N6,999 only!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How exactly does the VA Business Training works?

     It is an online course that you can take from anywhere all over the world. The lessons are hosted on our online Academy and you will be able to take your lessons at anytime you want.

  • What happens after I make payment?

    After you make payment, you will be redirected to a page containing all the instructions you have to take to gain access to your course. All the courses are hosted on our online academy and you can access the videos by logging in from any internet enabled device from anywhere in the world.

  • Is this training only for housewives?

    No, it is for anyone who believes they have skills they can monetise. We only focus on housewives because we believe they they will have the time and commitment that a business like this requires. If you know you have skills, are a committed person and can put in the work, this is for you. If you are lazy and not ready to put in the work to get the results, please do not enroll.

  • I stay in Lokoja and will be relocating to the Bahamas soon, how can I access this course?

    As stated above, this course holds ONLINE. You don’t need to come to anywhere physically to take the course. The support also happens online so wherever you may be in the world, as long as you can access the internet, you can take your lessons. The strategies you will be learning in the course too are not location-bound. You can practise what you will be learning from anywhere in the world.

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    You have a lifetime access to the course but you need to take the course within the first 6 months of purchase to activate your lifetime access.

  • Is there a follow through process for the course lessons?

    This course is a self-paced course so you can take the lessons at any time. There is no direct mentoring or coaching attached to it.

  • Need more information about this course?.

    You can call our customer care representative on +234803 940 6091 or send us a mail at

  • What do I do if I have problem accessing my course after payment?

    Send a mail to us at or simply call our customer care representative on +234803 940 6091

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