7 Principles Of Wealth You Must Follow, If You Are Done Being Poor!

Wealth is not something we see every day around us in Africa, even in Nigeria. So what model do we have for wealth creation? I mean how to recognize opportunities and then latch on to it. Many of us who are wealthy had to fight huge battles, swim seven seas and climb seven mountains, just to make it to that place of wealth.

It is heart aching when you are seeing the level of poverty around you, but can’t do anything about it. There is a saying that if you are among ten poor people, it means you are poor yourself. You wouldn’t keep complaining about the ways things are going, so you have to be the catalyst yourself.

Primarily, you have to know that for you to be rich physically, it has to happen in your mind first and foremost. Wealth begins within first, then manifests without.

I have compiled seven principles of wealth that I learned, have applied and I’m still applying. They have given me the results I have today and are guaranteed to give you the results that I seek.

These principles are as follows:

  1.      Your Destiny To Creating Wealth Lies In Your Hands.

Life happens to every one of us. For someone like me, I lost my father at birth, I lost my mother at the age of 21. I could have chosen to go any other way but the wealthy way. Yes, I had a story but there are others who have more pathetic stories. If you think you have a genuine reason to be poor, there are others who have worse reasons and are rich today. Therefore your destiny of being wealthy lies in your hands, not in your background, parents, husbands, children,  but your own hands.

What you have to do is to stop playing victim. I have seen people who keep telling me everything that is wrong with their lives. They never tell me empowering things about their lives, they are mostly concerned about pity party. Stop playing the victim because you are not one. Stop blaming the Nigerian government, stop blaming your parent or wealthy uncle who has refused to lend a helping hand, your husband or whoever. Blame only yourself for the decisions you have made. It is your decisions that has determined your outcome. You are exactly where your decisions led you. If you think, your husband led you here; hello, you chose him. Even if he was forced on you, excuse me, you had the option of running away but you didn’t. Come to think of it, there are also women who have married poor men, but took their destiny in their hands and climbed up on the ladder of wealth. So your excuses are invalid!

If you think money is not that important, it is because you are broke and with that mentality, money will never come to you. Money comes to the hands of those who thinks it is very important to have it.  Remember that you can’t use any other thing to pay your rent, your children’s fees or hospital bills. Money is absolutely necessary in life. Never ever say money is not important in anything in life. Marriages break due to financial challenges, it is that serious!

Never complain and focus on what’s wrong, whatever you focus on magnifies. If you focus on being rich, you will be rich. If you focus on being poor, you will be poor, because you still have the poverty mentality. What you focus on is what you attract, if you focus on wealth, you attract wealth. Whatever you focus on will expand so create your success with your decisions.

  1.      Wealthy People Play The Money Game To Win.

They don’t play it not to lose. Many people play too safe when playing the money game, by putting their money only where they are sure of getting money back. Don’t do that, the truly rich play the money game to win.

Your goal should be to have massive wealth and not only to pay your bills. If you are all about just being comfortable, that is all you will ever get. Go out there and set your goals to be stupendously rich, amazingly wealthy! A lot of people want to be sure about an opportunity before venturing into it. Hell no! You don’t have to. Let me remind you that successful people make their minds quickly but change it slowly. If you are always playing safe, you cannot be rich. Wealthy people are risk takers, they go all out of their comfort zone.

  1.      Commit To Being Rich And You Will Be Rich.

There is a difference between saying I want to be rich and being rich. Wanting to be rich is never enough; it places you on probability, if it happens fine, if it doesn’t, life goes on. We don’t all get what we want, do we?  If wishes were horses.

Come on! There is a more powerful level of choosing to be rich. You have to choose and there is a more powerful level that commits to being rich. Devote yourself unreservedly. There should be no limit to what you are willing to do or the level of inconvenience you are willing to experience to be able to get rich. Wealthy people give up sleep, TV, Parties etc. So you must unreservedly go for wealth. Tell yourself, it is either I get wealthy or I die getting it. That’s the spirit!  It is not by illegitimate ways but by putting the work and the effort that it demands.

  1.      Think big.

Many people think big and play small. Wealthy people are always thinking big while poor people play small.  You will be paid in direct proportion according to the value you deliver in the marketplace. Always bring value to the market place every single time. In terms of value, you must think about supply, demand, quantity and quality. You have to develop your capacity every single time.

I have shared my story of how I began to move into wealth. The problem I was solving initially was selling internet data which was a small problem at that. Then I began to train people on how to solve this data problem and thereby creating wealth. Beyond all of that, I increase my value in the market place, I began to solve bigger problems for bigger people by sharing my energy and strategy strictly with those who can do much with the little I share with them. I created my inner circle where I share my strategies on business growth because they are the ones who have stood up to take responsibilities of their future.  

A whole lot of people here just desire to get wealthy but they don’t want to go all out to get it. They are not ready to spend money to invest on themselves so I don’t share my precious time working with such kind. If you want quality mentoring, you have to exchange value for value. I can’t pour value into you when you are not reciprocating. The people I get value from, I invest in them, pay for their courses, pay for their time, recharge card and data. You must invest in me, that way it is symbiotic. Think bigger value. Play big and shine shamelessly. Entrepreneur solve problems for a profit. You are not giving because you are poor, you are poor because you are not giving value. Poor people keeps thinking the world owes them. Heeck! No one owes you.

List out your areas of strength and where you can serve. Never ever say you don’t have values you can give, you do. The wealthiest people in the world are the biggest givers. Check out Oprah, Mark Zuckerberg, Dangote etc. if you have not conditioned your mind to giving in whatever capacity you have, you will remain a non-giver. Remember that givers never lack. Give your time, energy in whatever capacity.

  1.    Commit yourself to seeing opportunities

Rich people see opportunities, poor people see obstacles. In my inner circle, we have our anthem that says “The Virtuous Woman- I sense, I see and I seize every opportunity, I make the right choices always”. You have to sense, see and seize opportunities happening around you. Poor people only sense obstacles. Poor people see loss, rich people see potentials. Rich people see rewards, poor people see risks. Stop thinking what if it doesn’t work, rather think “what if it works”. If you keep thinking negativity, you attract negativity. The rich are always optimistic. The higher the risk, the higher the rewards. Successful people don’t always make the right decision but they always stand right by the decisions they make. It is extremely impossible to foresee every circumstance that may one day occur in a venture. Rather you want to jump in and learn. You can’t learn from the outside. Richard Braxton one of the richest man living says “when someone share an opportunity with you, say yes first and then get to work”.

  1.      Admire wealth and the wealthy.

If you start thinking that wealth is disgusting and it is the root of all evil. Haaaaaaaah! The bible talked about the potency in money when you give it out.  It is when you love money to the level of making it your lord that it’s bad. Rather money is a defense. It is not money that is evil it is the love of money. When you see someone who is richly dressed and drives a beautiful car, what comes to your mind? Do you resent them and say “wicked people” “money ritualist”? When someone says they are earning seven figures, what comes to your mind? If you resent the rich, you can never ever be rich. If you don’t believe that someone can be honorable and rich, you cannot be rich. I see religious people giving the example of the rich man and Lazarus. Have you ever wondered what the name of the rich man was?  His name was not mentioned, he was only described as the rich man because that’s the only thing that defines him. Your money should not define you neither should poverty define you. Money magnifies whatever behavior you have in you so also does poverty. There is a popular saying that “a hungry man is an angry man”. People also say “the rich also cry”. Yes, I will rather be rich and cry because I have handkerchief to wipe my tear. The poor are not only crying but wailing yet they don’t have handkerchief to wipe their tears. We all have our problems but trust me, problems have categories. They kept saying the rich man went to hell. Has it ever occurred to you that father Abraham is a stupendously rich man and yet was called the friend of God? Has it ever occurred to you that David was amazingly rich and yet was a man after God’s own heart? Solomon was a rich man yet he was a beloved of God. You say it is difficult for a rich man to enter heaven and you think all poor people are going to heaven. It is only when you allow money define your life that you miss heaven.

  1.      Invest in the rich minds and models.

Energy is contagious, if people around you are downer:

  • Don’t try to change them rather inspire them. Stop telling people what they should do rather be the model, then maybe they will join you. Start living your own live deliberately. Start thinking and acting rich.
  • Remain true to your own values and be strong in pursuing them. Don’t try convincing downers rather let your life show that it is possible. Refrain your mind from being like them. They are showing you what you don’t want to be like, then inspire them to become better person. There is no way you can fly like eagles if you keep moving with chickens. Disassociate yourself from anyone who is always pulling you down.  This might be a tough decision and it is better to do it early than you to live more years in sorrow and in tears.