7 People You Must Absolutely Avoid, If You Want To Be Great.

These are people who will kill your dreams and make you end up like themselves. The kind of people you relate with is what you become. As we behold, we become. The kinds of people you must avoid absolutely, if you want to be great are:

  1. Gossips

They are people who talk about other people negatively behind their backs. They may start subtle like they are concerned. “Have you seen this person, she is still single. Did you see the hairstyle she has on now?” And later begin to say something negative about them. What you should do is to stop them and ask if they have shared the concern with the particular friend. If their answer is yes, then tell them, “That solves it. I am not sure what you want me to do, but I don’t want to get involved in this.” And if their answer is no, tell them to tell the person. This will discourage them from going on with the topic.

  1. Jealous/ Envious People

They always want to be in your shoes like, wanting to have your husband, job, children and they don’t like the fact that those things are happening to you. These people are very dangerous. How would you know them? You will know them by the way they make you feel. They always try to underplay your achievements. They intentionally devalue the things that you value. They see the dot on your plain sheet, never seeing the plain sheet around it. They make you feel inadequate and make you feel like what you have is nothing. Those kind of people are not the ones you want to have around you. Stay away from them as much as possible.

  1.  Time Wasters

You know that time is a respecter of no one. Everybody has 24 hours. The things you do with your time will determine how productive you are. Time wasters are completely not aware of time. They sleep too much, they talk too much waste time jesting unnecessarily, they watch TV like their life depends on it. Those who are on TV don’t watch TV themselves.

Be particular about those you share your time with. If you have those who call you and always having endless gist, end the call by simply saying “I will talk to you later” .That way you are putting yourself on a fix and becoming responsible for who reach out first. If the person is physically around you, practically get up and get to doing something.

  1.  Over-sensitive People

They play the victim always. Say one thing and they will misinterpret you. They are always picky and oversensitive. Always crying and waiting for you to apologize. If they are people that can’t be avoided, please reduce your contact session with them. The truth is that we all go through pain. Pain is inevitable but suffering is a choice and if anyone chooses to suffer through their pain, you don’t need to be part of it.

  1. Excuse Makers

People who are always unenthusiastic. They have a reason for not doing what they should. Always broke, tired. With them, there’s always have why it cannot work. They always let you down when you need them the most, with someone or something else to blame. Everyone and everything else, except themselves is responsible for their failure. You don’t want to be around those kind of people.

  1.  Mis-educated People

They have the wrong idea as to what it takes to make you successful. They give you constructive criticisms and they themselves are yet to construct anything good in their own lives. They give you opinions on marriage when they are not even married. They give you tips on how to raise your kids when they don’t have any themselves or have raised terrible kids, they give you advice on how to dress. They are super dangerous people. They want to control you and silence your personality. You don’t need such people in your life.

  1. People who don’t learn and they won’t encourage you to learn

These people cannot pay any price to invest in themselves. When they see you making big investments in your life or business, they discourage you, talk you down and make you feel that your efforts are not worth it.

These seven kinds of people you must avoid, if your desire to succeed will become a reality.

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