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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”center” font_size=”20″ font_color=”%23ffffff”]And also the 7 characteristics every successful entrepreneur must possess before they even start a business and how best to start any business.[/text_block]

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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”15″ font_font=”Trebuchet%20MS” font_color=”%23060204″]From The Desk Of Temi Ajibewa,
The Millionaire Housewife
Abuja, Nigeria.


Dear Friend,

If you’d like to start a business that gives you the freedom to live your dreams without worrying about money or being concerned about your boss, this will be the most important book you’ll ever read.

Why did I write this book?

Through my years of practice as a business coach, one question I get asked often is this…

“Coach Temi, please what business can I start?”

I often meet people who really want to start a business but do not know what business to start as they have never been in business before or have tried and failed at a number of businesses.

Interestingly, I noticed that most of the people who ask me this question already had a paying job.

And the reason for this is understandable,

…a job can never make you wealthy!

Plus, you can be sacked at any time.

After helping hundreds of people decide which business to start, I decided to put the fool proof strategies you can use to identify what business you can start in a book so that more people can have access to it.




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Here’s Exactly What You’re Getting In This Book:

First of all, here’s what you need to know… this book isn’t like the regular business books out there.

I’ve eliminated all the unnecessary details and share only practical strategies that you can use right away to quickly determine what business you should start.

It’s easy to read.

The book is only 49 pages so you can read it in one sitting… How easy is that?

But don’t let the size fool you…

Here’s a peep at the content showing a fraction of what you get in this book…[/text_block]


  • 7 Characteristics that will help you and your business stand the test of time. Page 3.
  • 7 must have traits if you want to succeed in business… Without these characteristics, don’t even bother! Page 3.
  • 24 Practical questions to help you decide if starting a business is for you and what you can do immediately… this will save you headaches! Page 3 – 16.
  • The two most profitable types businesses you can do. Page 20
  • Two questions to help you generate business ideas from your environment. Page 23
  • Three questions to help you discover your talents and natural abilities. Page 26 – 27
  • How to turn your talents into millions; four things your talents must do to earn you millions. Page 30 – 31
  • The one business advice that will save you the risk of losing your entire life savings, heartaches and many sleepless nights… ignore this to your own peril.
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Price N3,000


Buy Now For Only ₦1,999For a very limited time

Check Out What Other People Are Saying About This Ebook

If there’s one word I could use to describe Temi Ashabi, it’d be DISSATISFIED She’s absolutely dissatisfied with the status quo…it’s the dissatisfaction from seeing so many women with more questions than answers that has birthed this incredible book, “What Business Do I Start”? In this book, Temi doesn’t tell you what business to start as much as she does get you to answer the tough questions that require the answers you really need. If you’re dissatisfied, then this is the book for you.

Steve Harris
Life & Business Strategist, EdgeEcution

Don’t start a business now or sometime in future without first reading this book. I call it the pocket size business start-up bible that every new or aspiring entrepreneur needs. Temi has put together in this book the checks and balances in form of simple questions that can help you ascertain whether you are ready to start your business now or never.

Grace Festus
Family Life Practitioner FOUNDER, Mentoring Singles Academy

…on digesting the book, I could see how her experience with running businesses came to bear. I especially like the evaluation sheets at the end of the chapters, to get people to think about the opportunities that lie around them. The book was easy to follow, concise and to the point. I recommend it for anybody starting out on their own.

Mofolusade Sonaike
Creative Director, Mumpreneur.ng

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Price N3,000


Buy Now For Only ₦1,999For a very limited time


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I believe this book will add tremendous value to you that you will be willing to recommend it to your friends too.





Temi Ajibewa

The Millionaire Housewife

PS: If you’re still hesitant, no problem. I plan to be in business for a long time so I’ll still be here. The only problem is that you’re not getting younger so why procrastinate on your dreams?[/text_block]

I’m glad I read this book. It opened my eyes to little details I never would have known.

I gladly recommend to anyone who needs answers to questions bordering on what business to start or if they should even start.

Well done Coach Temi.

Taiwo Aminat

Through this book, I have seen that am lacking in some of the needed skills that makes a successful entrepreneur. I need to work on my sense of judgement and on my implementation speed.

I recommend this book to everyone who desires to become an entrepreneur now or in the nearest future. If you apply the knowledge gained from this book, you will sure last through thick and thin.

Thanks again Temi.

Mfon Augustus

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Price N3,000


Buy Now For Only ₦1,999For a very limited time