Would You Like Me To Personally Hand Over To You My Multi-Million Blueprint That Will Take You From Nowhere To Becoming A Woman Of Impact, Influence and Affluence Within The Shortest Possible Time?

20-03-2018, 9:15am

From The Desk of Temi-Ashabi Ajibewa,


Jabi - Abuja.


Dear Sister,

Over 2,327 women die annually in Nigeria due to hypertension.

It’s sad.

They leave behind their children and loved ones. They die; their dreams and ambitions with them.

But why?

I wish I could give you a definite answer but here’s what research has shown…

When you do not give expression to your dreams and passions, you become depressed and as the situation is prolonged it deteriorates, you’re frustrated with life, work, family… everything!

Nothing just makes sense anymore?

Can you relate?


If you’re in these shoes, it’s not your fault… Many human cultures have even made matters worse. The woman is rarely seen as someone who has any meaningful contribution to make in the society at least not at par with her male counterpart.

Her opinion is rarely sought…

This is sad.

Thankfully, this does not have to be your story.

If you would like to go from unknown and frustrated to becoming an exponentially successful and highly paid woman who is building a successful business that gives you freedom, money and the time to spend it, then you are the one I'm speaking to right now...

Over the last few years since I set up “The Millionaire Housewife Academy”, I have dedicated every waking moment of my day to helping women like you achieve this exact goal.

I am talking about “dreamers” who are willing and ready to DRAMATICALLY change their lives and finances…by becoming true highly paid passion-prenuers.

If you’re one of them then I look forward to seeing you live at the Winning Life and Business Masterclass as I will be baring my never-heard of strategies that will get you the exact kind of clarity and focus that will enable you build a business that will light a spark in the world globally.

You are about to discover The Whole Truth About What It Takes To Have A Fulfilled Life as a Wife, Mother and a Woman.

Are you ready for this?

There are basically 5 skills I have mastered which made me record such outstanding results and they are:






These are my never-shared, never-heard secrets to becoming a high profile, highly paid person of influence within one year.


Using this SECRET FORMULAE, I have;

  • Built my online community from zero to 14,000 under two years
  • Been featured on national daily newspapers as a mentor to women
  • Been featured on international television as a start-up expert
  • Hosted International Live Masterminds
  • Been awarded a woman empowerment leader and mentor;
  • Been named a social media influencer
  • Authored 4 books within 3 months
  • Become a two-time Amazon bestseller
  • Been able to make 6-figures in dollars consistently from the comfort of my home doing what I absolutely love.
  • Sponsored my family on our first international vacation and still made 5 figures while away.
  • Been featured in several online classes to teach my passion
  • Launched my online school with over 1000 students so far.
  • And so many more


But wait…

Lots of people get confused about what a masterclass is compared with a regular class.

Here’s the difference…

A masterclass is taught by A MASTER of that discipline and these classes are generally one-off special events so… they don’t come by everyday!

There is always something to learn whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro and as a master at this game of making money from one's passion, expertise or knowledge despite all odds, I introduce to you...



At this Masterclass you will;

  • Experience a PARADIGM SHIFT in your life and business as you will get instant results by applying the advanced strategies you will learn.
  • Gain CLARITY as to what your passion is and the fastest and easiest way to build a business around it.
  • Learn strategies of rapidly becoming a known expert in your field.
  • You'll learn how to raise your profile in your field and position yourself as a brand that your market loves to promote and invest in.
  • Learn exactly who you are called to serve and the easiest way for you to get them to invest in your offers, become loyal to you and even refer you to others.
  • Be fired up to work on your dreams and crush your goals. I am not called The Electric Temi for nothing. Hehehe...

And that’s not all. I will show you…

How to become a highly paid expert in the shortest possible time the way I have learnt to do it successfully from my mentors and from practice.

Hear What Attendees Of My Past Masterclasses Have To Say:

The Millionaire Or Nothing Masterclass Lagos

The 4P Formula To A Profitable Passion Mastermind Abu Dhabi

The Wealth Creation And Financial Freedom Masterclass

By the time we are done, the first question you may have will be “Temi, please when is the next class be so I can promote it?”


It will be that good!

So how much will this cost you, you may be wondering...

Honestly, if the price of this class is fixed at £200 it will be absolutely worth it because you will make 10x that amount before you realize what happened to you!

But you see, I want a lot of women who are hungry for impact to be able to afford it, so I am giving out a 50% discount so that you can pay £100 only to be a part of the class BUT if you pay before the 15th of April, you get a further discount and pay £80 only.

Unbelievable, right?

That’s how crazy I am about empowering women!

100% Value Packed or Your Money Back Guarantee!

The risk is on me!

I’m so confident of the value you will get in this class that I’m taking all the risk.

You can take my word for it that this will be your most well-spent £80 so far that even your bank account will thank you for it

But if for any reason whatsoever after the class you think it was not worth more than your investment, you have the right to ask for a refund and you will get a refund no questions asked.

Please Wait!

This Masterclass is not for everyone so who’s it for?

The Winning Life and Business Masterclass is for you if:

  • You’re tired of doing it alone and trying out all sorts of strategies without a definite plan as to how you can achieve your set goals
  • You would really love to know how you too can move from obscurity to popularity in your chosen field of business or expertise within the shortest possible time.
  • You would really love to have your own clear-cut pathway to becoming a fulfilled millions-generating business owner.
  • You would love to impact your world, influence generations and make good money while at it.
  • You have been praying and asking God what the next success step you should take in your life should be and how to even go about it because you are indeed ready to fulfill your God-given potentials.
  • You urgently need to change your life and money story because the way you're currently on doesn't seem to be taking you to a place of fulfillment.

It will be an intensive 5 hour class of in-depth teaching, quality networking, questions & answers sessions, mind-shaping games



I would literally be breaking down my model for making 6 figures from home each month and hand it over to you so you are not just groping in the dark wishing for a guide.

Now listen carefully to this:

Because I know how easy it is lose the momentum and all the energy experienced at a live event, I am throwing in a follow up one-on-one call within 30 days of the event and also an online support group where you can maintain your energy level as you see what others are doing and you implement all you have learnt at the masterclass.

Are you are ready to gain CLARITY and make SIGNIFICANT progress  in your life, your brand and finances, make the investment to register for the Winning Life and Business Masterclass now using the payment link below:

To register: Simply pay the sum of £85 via PayPal to paytemiashabiglobal@gmail.com

Or N40,000 to Temi Ashabi Global Diamond Bank 0096656841 (preferred)

Pay £85 With Paypal

After payment, please send a mail to temiashabiglobal@gmail.com to confirm your payment for your entry pass.

PS: I plan to carefully follow up and provide support for those who register for this masterclass so that they can join the league of influential experts I have graduated. As a result, I’ll only be able to offer mentorship to the first 10 women to register since it is physically impossible for me to work with more than a handful of people as there’s a high demand for my personal one-on-one help. So you really have to act fast.

Still have more questions? Please send me a mail to temi@themillionairehousewife.com

Would you like to know me better, Check me out on Instagram @themillionairehousewife or Facebook Temi Ajibewa or my Fanpage Temi- Ashabi Ajibewa . You could also request to join my Facebook group The Millionaire Housewife Community.