3 Surest Ways​ To Make Money Online

Online business simply means leveraging on the internet to make money.

For the purpose of this post, I will be sharing with you the 3 surest ways you can make money online. They are not just theories, they are the things I have done and are working well. They include

  1. Sell your services online. This simply means you are exchanging value for money. Like someone rightly said “for you to get money means someone is parting with money. Use what you have to get what you want. What value do you currently have, what is your course of study? Whether an accountant, doctor, quantity surveyor. Start promoting it now, open a Facebook page and Facebook group and throw traffic in there. It can be free or paid but preferably paid traffic.
  2. Sell products. Selling is the ultimate way of making money online. Sell physical products such as earrings, make up, weavons, shoes, bags etc. You can sell digital products as well. This is the surest way to go. I made my first million from selling products – my e-course on “how to start data sharing business”. It could be ebook, audio or video courses. Look for products that resonate and are accessible to you, sell them on Facebook, website, Amazon, eBay etc.

Getting an ebook in your name is simple.

  • Get a topic you know you are an authority in, either you have done it successfully or you have researched or read widely.
  • Type it into a word document and export it to PDF.
  • Or go to plr.com, buy a book off the shelf, add your own mojo, change the text, change the graphics and add your company’s name. You have an ebook to your name already.

To create a video course

  • You can create video courses directly from your phones or laptop.
  • You can also do that with a tripod stand for instance if you want to cook or sew in the video. Don’t bother about getting it all perfect the first time.
  • You can do a video with a screen recorder as well. Get a laptop to do a power point, use your earpiece to record your voice over the power point​. Upload on YouTube and sell out the link. Use screencastomatic.com to cast your voice.
  1. Affiliates. You don’t need money to start up this one. If you are reading this post, then you can do it. If you know someone who has products to sell online whether digital or physical, be humble enough to ask them to let you need their affiliate. They will give you certain percentages as commission. You can become affiliates for companies like jumia, konga, jiji, etc. You can start saving from here to start up other businesses.

Now you don’t have any excuse why you shouldn’t have an online business.

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