4 Strategic Ways You can Make Impact In A Highly Competitive Business

Hi! Welcome to my blog. In this video I talked to you about four strategic ways you can make an impact in a highly competitive business. My name is Temi and this blog is all about helping you to make more money, motivating you and inspiring you to be the very best you can be and win always. Like I said, in this video I’ll be giving you four strategic ways that you can use to make your business to stand out especially in a crowded competitive market. So let’s get straight to it.

The very first thing that you need to do to be able to be to stand out is first and foremost DOMINATE IN YOUR MIND. It sounds vague but trust me it is the very first thing you must do because for you to win outside, you have to win inside. It is first and foremost an inner battle so you need to be sure, you need to get over your mind block and thoughts such as “its a busy market”, “everyone is into make-up”, all that is just noise and trust me competition shows that it is a thriving industry. Embrace the competition! It shows that it’s a sensible place to be.

Get it straight in your head and tell yourself that “I can do this! If people are doing it and are succeeding at it, I also can do it”, especially if its your area of passion. Don’t let the busyness overshadow yours. So first and foremost, DOMINATE IN YOUR MIND and make the impact from, your mind.

The second thing you want to do is to have a USP. Your USP is your Unique Selling Proposition. You need to come to the market place with something unique, your own value, your own flavor and your own mojo. Let people feel you when they see your products, when they see your brand let something stand out about your brand. So you need to create your own Unique Selling Proposition.

Attached to this is for you to also come out clear with your Value Proposition. I mean what is special about your product? Why are you different from the next make-up artist? You need to come up with this Value Proposition. Why should I pay you? Come up with it! Why should I buy your own cup of water or your own cup of drink when I could buy the other person’s own?

Now you could say maybe yours is cheaper, yours has high nutrient, or maybe yours is easier. Take the weight loss community for example, it’s such a HUGE one, it’s larger than life already but people still manage to come up with something unique. Such as ‘lose weight without having to lose your your diet’, ‘lose weight without having to hit the gym’ or even lose weight without having to sweat’. People come up with different ingenuous ways every now and then and so can you!

So, be clear on your own Value Proposition, create what makes you unique, create what will make you appealing to people.

The third thing is you want to create your ICA that is your IDEAL CUSTOMER AVATAR. You need to be clear on who exactly your product is meant for. You cannot serve everybody. You can’t even serve half a human being. You need to be very clear on who your customer is, that way you don’t go about marketing and strategizing and being all over the place like a headless chicken.

You can actually create that person that you want to work with, that person that you want him or her to buy from you and once you know them you are able to target them very clearly. You are not talking to majority of the people, you are not talking to everyone, you are clear on who you want to serve.

So I want to for example business people who want to grow and scale their business. I work with professionals, particularly women within the ages of 30 and 45 who want to grow their businesses, who want to start a business around their area of passion. Those are who I work with and as a result Coach, I also help you to get results. So if you are frustrated about any area of your life and you would love to execute the things you want to or the information that you have, I am your person.

I’m clear on who my ICA is down to the name, location, the age, the gender, the income range, all these are very important and they are the pinpoints of your ideal customer. You need to be clear on this.

The very FOURTH thing that you need to do is to INVEST IN YOURSELF. Every thing that will make you stand out, you may not have them already within you so you have to invest in yourself and this will go at par with your business. I would have said invest in your business but trust me, when you invest in yourself, it automatically reflects in your business. This is because your business cannot grow beyond your own growth, that is the reality. So the more you grow as a person the more you invest in your mind, the more you invest in courses, in hiring a coach or getting involved in services and training that will help you, the more your business will grow. You cannot divorce personal growth from business growth.

You need to invest in your business by putting back your profit into your business, that is you don’t spend all you make in your business. You put it back in your business by maybe investing in machinery, investing in training, investing in new things happening in your community, investing in collaborations and all that you need to actually those things make you standout. so the more you invest in yourself the more you shine and the more you would know. You become appealing to those who would buy from you and this makes you standout in a crowded marketplace.

In a crowded niche you just need to invest more in yourself and of course the more you invest, the more you should do the things that you have learnt because implementation is key. Execution is the master key that unlocks it all. So no matter how much you learn, no matter how much courses you run and everything. If you don’t execute, you just wasted your money.

Some of us just have a pile load of courses that we have run and we are yet to do even one thing, one exercise out of all we have learnt. So let that not be you.

I trust that you’ve gained mightily from this and if you have please share. Till I come your way again, keep striving and win because it is either you win or you win.

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