How to Get Major Clients to Buy Your Major Offers on Social Media

Hi! Welcome! It’s so good to have you here; and by here, I mean it’s all about motivation, inspiration and more money talks here.

In this video, I shared how you can get, attract and hook major clients that would pay for your offer on social media. Now I know social media is a huge thing and most times, the offers that you are able to sell are small offers like 1000, 500, 2,500 or 50,000. However, when you have high ticket offers, how do you sell on social media? Now I’ll be teaching you practically from my example because I have sold small offers as little as N1000, N20000 on social media even N50000 but how was I able to land someone who paid me half a million naira on social media to work with them personally? The same thing with you. You may have products, you may have services that are high ticket and you want to be able to attract these major clients on social media and that is why I did this video.

There are 5 steps in all, now the first thing you have to do is you have to be clear you on who this person is, and which social media they’re hanging out on. I mean there are so many. Are they on LinkedIn? Are they on Facebook? Are they on Instagram? Are these major clients on Pinterest or they on YouTube? You know there are so many of them so you need to be clear exactly on which social media these people, these major clients are hanging out on.

Now for me, my major clients hang out on Facebook actually, so yours may or may not. So you have to be clear on who they are and in being clear on who they are, you would have to know which social media they hang out on.

The second one is once you know where they are, start putting out your content. I mean your fabulous content that will hook this person, or that would get you noticed actually. And you could start with educational marketing. Now your content should be inspirational, educational, ¬†funny and all that. But there’s one you can never go wrong with and that is educational marketing. So you want to create content that would educate your ideal client or prospect on how to use your product, how to use your services, how you’re better than the other person. Teach them ways and solve their problems in miniature ways. There’s so much free content online but if you want to get real results you have to pay. Same thing you have to do with your customers. Give them as much content as possible. Good ones that they wish they would have paid for. Something practical, something they can use immediately and get instant results but it would be a miniature of the whole solution you provide and that is just to build your KLT.

Now the third one is to create a bait. A bait is something specific. Now there are so many creatures in the river. You want to create a bait that is specific, that would particularly catch that major client that you’re looking for. That’s what you need to create, something we call a lead magnet. It could be an audio, video, or post. Something that is more than your free content which ¬†people or your ideal customers would want to grab. It could be something low priced or entirely free. For someone like me, in one of my courses, the execution Mastermind, I created a lead magnet which I called the ultimate execution mojo and it’s supposed to help people overcome procrastination and it was a lead magnet to attract the kind of people I was looking for. People who were frustrated with how they were getting results in their lives, wanted some high level of accountability, to get things done and to become productive and fulfilled in their lives. So you need the create the bait which is the lead magnet.

The fourth one is you have to nurture the relationship. People will not just give you their cash just like that. So if you’ve been able to catch them into the net, it’s time for you to dress them and get them palatable for eating. So when you’ve been able to catch these major clients with the bait you have created you also have to nurture the relationship so wherever these people are, either in your mailing list, in your Facebook group, if you have their phone numbers, you have to nurture the relationship over and over again just to break down their buying resistance. So you do this by still giving out value, giving out content. Like I said, miniature sizes of the solution that you provide.

The fifth one is to make the offer. Just make the offer. Most entrepreneurs I’ve worked with sometimes do not make the offer. They don’t ask people for a sale. They do not even know how to close a sale. You need to know that at some point you have given value over and over again. There is something called the law of reciprocity. Now the person you’ve been giving to, at some point will feel he is oweing you and then when you say you have something more for them to buy, they would willingly and gladly buy from you if you have nurtured the relationship rightly. You need to make the offer. I have this client that has spent so much money in coaching, educating herself, getting her degree and she hadn’t made money in a while. I asked “why haven’t you made money? What are your offers?” She had none. So you don’t have Consultations, you don’t have an ebook you can sell, you don’t have a coaching program. So how will the people you’ve been serving pay you? I mean if you’ve not asked for it. How can they pay you. So you need to ask for the sale or make the offer. So that’s just it.

Again, these are the five ways.

  1. Be clear on who your customers are and which social media they’re hanging out on.
  2. Educate them with your marketing
  3. Create a bait AKA the lead magnet
  4. Nurture the relationship
  5. Make the offer


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