Five Lessons I Learned From The Labor Room


I put to bed few days ago and I feel excited about this opportunity to share lessons from my labor experience with you. I will be sharing with you five life lessons I learned from the labor room.

Every pregnancy is different, every labor is different, every delivery is different and every baby is different, I know. I have stopped seeing occurrences in my life as being normal and usual. I have come to own my story that whatever I go through is supposed to help somebody that may find themselves in a similar situation sometime someday. This is why I share my experiences and life lessons easily and freely, because I know that someone somewhere will catch something from it. I hope you catch something from these five lessons that I learned from the labor room.

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How to Get Major Clients to Buy Your Major Offers on Social Media

Hi! Welcome! It’s so good to have you here; and by here, I mean it’s all about motivation, inspiration and more money talks here.

In this video, I shared how you can get, attract and hook major clients that would pay for your offer on social media. Now I know social media is a huge thing and most times, the offers that you are able to sell are small offers like 1000, 500, 2,500 or 50,000. However, when you have high ticket offers, how do you sell on social media? Now I’ll be teaching you practically from my example because I have sold small offers as little as N1000, N20000 on social media even N50000 but how was I able to land someone who paid me half a million naira on social media to work with them personally? The same thing with you. You may have products, you may have services that are high ticket and you want to be able to attract these major clients on social media and that is why I did this video.

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4 Strategic Ways You can Make Impact In A Highly Competitive Business

Hi! Welcome to my blog. In this video I talked to you about four strategic ways you can make an impact in a highly competitive business. My name is Temi and this blog is all about helping you to make more money, motivating you and inspiring you to be the very best you can be and win always. Like I said, in this video I’ll be giving you four strategic ways that you can use to make your business to stand out especially in a crowded competitive market. So let’s get straight to it.

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